WF-01 Winning Fumina


Model number: WF-01
Code name: Winning Fumina
Unit type: custom mobile suit model kit
Inspiration: Fumina Hoshino; SD-237S Star Winning Gundam
Builder: Minato Sakai
Dimensions: overall height 24.0 meters
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: plastic
Equipment and design features: Cross-Up System
Fixed armaments: 2 x star cross shuriken, mounted on shoulders
Optional hand armaments: beam machine gun, can combine with star crosses to form star buster sword
Remote weapons: 2 x gun bit, mounted as leg armor; 2 x guard bit, mounted as forearms
Special attacks: Winning Beam; Falling Star Rainbow

WF-01 Winning Fumina was a custom Gunpla built by Minato Sakai. It used an “MS Girl” aesthetic and combined the appearance of Try Fighters member Fumina Hoshino with her Gunpla, the SD-237S Star Winning Gundam. It was the successor to the SF-01 Super Fumina, which Sakai built for the Meijin Cup and was disqualified for failing to secure permission to use Fumina’s likeness. The armor pieces on Fumina’s body were reinforced to improve the Gunpla’s offense and defense through the use of the Cross-Up System, which allowed armor/weapon pieces to combine into a separate SD unit. Winning Fumina’s armaments included a star buster sword, a beam machine gun, a star cross shuriken and gun and guard bits. Winning Fumina was also capable of performing the Star Winning Gundam’s special attack, the Winning Beam. When using Winning Fumina in battle, Sakai utilized a voice changer to present with a female voice.

Pilot: Minato Sakai
First appearance: Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue
Original mechanical designer: Fumikane Shimada


Rear view

Build Fighters Battlogue Info

Masami Obari

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Takayuki Yanase
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Kenichi Ohnuki

Musical Composer(s):
Yuuki Hayashi
Asami Tachibana

5 episodes

Internet Release:
Japan 08.04.2017 – 12.07.2017
Global 08.04.2017 – 12.07.2017


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