Dogosse Giar class (General Revil) (anime)


Class: Dogosse Giar
Name: General Revil
Ships of the line: Dogosse GiarGeneral Revil
Unit type:
Manufacturer: Earth Federation Forces
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Rollout: UC 0095
First deployment: UC 0095
Dimensions: overall length 630.0 meters
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 3 x main gun turret, mounted on underside; 2 x 2-barrel main gun turret, mounted on part and starboard sides of middle section; 4 x secondary gun turret, mounted on top of middle section and on port and starboard rear hangars; 4 x 2-barrel secondary gun turret, mounted above and below main hangars; 2 x 3-barrel secondary gun turret, mounted in middle section; 20 x 2-barrel tertiary gun turret, mounted throughout main body; 10 x 3-barrel tertiary gun turret, mounted throughout main body; 6 x rail missile launcher, mounted on main body
Mobile suits: 48
Launch catapults: 14

The General Revil was the second battleship of the Earth Federation Forces’ Dogosse Giar class. The ship was named for Johann Ibrahim Revil, the famous commander of the EFF during the One Year War. The ship’s construction came several years after the lead vessel was destroyed in UC 0088 during the Gryps War. Like its predecessor, the General Revil was a massive ship that could accommodate 48 mobile suits and launch them from its 14 catapults. The ship was heavily armed with multiple primary, secondary and tertiary gun turrets, plus several missile launchers. As of UC 0096, the ship was awaiting its official launch and designation as the flagship of the Earth Federation Space Force. However, the ship became involved in the events of the Laplace Incident and launched an attack on the Londo Bell ship Nahel Argama at the behest of the government and the Vist Foundation. In UC 0097, the General Revil was destroyed while engaging Zoltan Akkanen’s NZ-999 II Neo Zeong.

Captain: Maseki Danbaef
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (anime)
Note: Based on the General Revil from the Gundam Unicorn novels


Underside view

Gundam Unicorn Info

Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Yasuyuki Muto
Harutoshi Fukui (novel)

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki
Yoshinori Sayama
Nobuhiko Genma

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Hiroyuki Sawano

7 episodes (OVA); 22 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 03.12.2010 – 06.06.2014
U.S. 03.12.2010 – 06.06.2014

Airdates (TV version):
Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.11.2016
U.S. 01.07.2017 – 06.10.2017


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