Gundam Build Fighters Ep. 7: World-Level Ability


The Build Mk-II enters a space battlefield for a fight against a gold Gundam Double X piloted by Kato, the Magician of Armies. Kato deploys a dozen GX-Bits, which Sei explains to Reiji are unmanned mobile suits. Kato believes that numbers alone will allow him to win, but Reiji uses his beam rifles to easily dispatch all of the GX-Bits. Kato then tries to deploy the twin satellite cannon, but by then Reiji has already moved in close enough to blast him and win the match. Aila’s drivers are surprised that her prediction about the Mk-II winning were correct. Later, Sei, Reiji, Rinko and China ride in Ral’s jeep. Ral is surprised that PPSE, the tournament sponsor, would offer a trip to a hot springs as a prize. China asks if it’s ok for her to come along, and Rinko tells her it’s her “chance” to move in on Sei. At a seaside town, Reiji swims in the ocean for the first time and is surprised by its saltiness. Ral compliments Rinko on her appearance, which earns him a dirty look from Sei. Rinko tries to get Sei to compliment China’s bikini, and he describes it like it was Gunpla. She then asks Reiji’s opinion, and he compares their bust sizes and tells China not to worry about it. That earns him a slap in the face from China, which Sei says is due to him always blurting things out without thinking. Sei thanks Reiji for winning the tournament, and Reiji reminds him that the world tournament is next. After a day at the beach, the group arrives at the hot springs inn, where they’re greeted by Mao. Sei realizes that Mao must be there too after receiving the prize. A girl named Misaki apologizes for not noticing them and says she doesn’t need Mao’s help because he’s a guest. Reiji wonders if Mao is really going to the world tournament, so Mao challenges him to a fight. Misaki shows everyone to their rooms, and China notices that the inn has been vandalized. Rinko encourages China to take Sei out for a walk. Sei starts working on the Mk-II, and Ral tells Reiji that seeing Mao must’ve rekindled his fire since the tournament is two months away. They both leave for a walk as China comes in to see Sei. She asks what he’s doing, and he explains that he’s modifying the rifle. Misaki goes outside and finds that Mao repaired the porch and is washing off graffiti from the walls. Misaki’s mother pulls up in a car and warns her to evacuate the guests. Reiji steps outside and is nearly killed when a van crashes through the inn’s entrance.

Sei and the others run over to find Reiji arguing with three land sharks. The leader says his brakes were faulty and asks Misaki’s mother once again to sell the inn, but she refuses. The leader tells Reiji to shut up when he steps in, but Ral breaks things up. Ral recognizes the leader as Tatsuzo, aka Blazing Tatsu, who previously fought in the world tournament. Ral asks Tatsuzo what happened to him, but Tatsuzo angrily tells him to mind his own business. Sei then jumps in and suggests they settle things with a Gunpla battle. Mao agrees and says if they win, the land sharks leave Misaki’s family alone. Tatsuzo accepts on the condition that he gets the inn rights for free if he wins. Misaki agrees because she doesn’t want her family to lose their inn without a fight. A Gunpla battle begins in a city stage with Reiji in the Mk-II and Mao in the Gundam X Maoh versus Tatsuzo’s Apsaras III. Tatsuzo immediately opens fire with his mega particle cannon and declares that he has the ultimate Gunpla. Reiji and Mao open fire, but their beams are deflected by an I-field. Tatsuzo opens fire again, putting Reiji and Mao on the defensive. Rinko asks how the beams can bounce off, and Ral explains that the Gunpla’s surface is specially coated to alter Plavsky particles. Tatsuzo keeps up his barrage and spreads gas before trapping both Gundams in Adzam leaders. The Mk-II’s body begins to crack under the pressure, and Tatsuzo declares that no one has ever broken out of his trap. Just then, Mao breaks free and blasts the Adzam leader trapping Reiji. Mao activates his collectors, but Tatsuzo counters that he can’t use the satellite system without the Moon. Mao announces that he’s the heir to the Shingyo school and gathers Plavsky particles to fire the hyper satellite cannon and blast a hole in the Apsaras III. Reiji then closes in and unleashes rapid fire beam blasts in the hole, destroying the mobile armor. Misaki’s mother thanks everyone for their help. Tatsuzo wonders how he could’ve lost, and Ral explains that Gunpla is constantly evolving. The next day, Misaki thanks Mao and asks him to come back, which excites him. Mao then says he wants to fight Reiji. Sei asks Mao how he could fire the satellite cannon without the Moon, but Mao tells him it’s a secret. Sei vows to build a new Gunpla when they get home. At the PPSE facility Allan unveils their newest Gunpla, the Kampfer Amazing, to Yuuki, who has taken on the name Meijin Kawaguchi.


The regional qualifying tournament ends in an episode full of Gundam X references. The Build Mk-II wins its first battle against a gold Double X piloted by Kato, who is dressed like Jamil Neate. Mao returns and we get to see the Gundam X Maoh fight in “real life.” When he’s cleaning up the graffiti on the walls, he’s humming “Dreams,” the show’s first opening. There are plenty of references to other shows, including sun tanners on the beach who look like Gundam 00‘s Sumeragi and Kati, plus Tatsuzo’s resemblance to Dozle Zabi. This episode also gives us the first team match and fight against a mobile armor. It’s a tough fight, but Mao saves the day by showing off several special abilities, including firing the satellite cannon without the Moon. For robot animation fans, it’s a nice touch to see the Gundam X Maoh make the famous Obari sword pose with a cannon. Finally, we see that Yuuki now goes by Kawaguchi, which itself is a reference to Katsumi Kawaguchi, a real life expert Gunpla builder. Overall, an entertaining episode that started off with the expected beach and hot springs tropes but ended with a good battle.

Overall Rating

Build Fighters Info

Kenji Nagasaki

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Ohnuki
Suzuhito Yasuda

Musical Composer:
Yuuki Hayashi

Japan 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014
Streaming 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014


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