Gundam Build Fighters Try Ep. 13: Beyond the Knuckle


Sekai enters the workshop to repair the Build Burning and encounters a silver-haired girl who tells him that his Gunpla is beautiful. Sekai asks the girl if she minds him using the workshop, and she tells him it isn’t hers. She notices that he has trouble and suggests he connect the parts more carefully. She asks if the Gunpla lost in battle, and Sekai explains that he was crushed. She finds it odd that he sounds happy about a loss, but Sekai quotes his master, who told him that winning or losing isn’t as important as if you were satisfied with the match. He wants to be prepared for his next fight and be satisfied regardless of the outcome, and he thinks Fumina and Yuuma must feel the same. The girl offers to help Sekai repair the Build Burning. Fumina recalls what Lady told her regarding what she’s lacking. She encounters Yuuma in the hallway, and he tells her he fought and lost many battles against the Meijin. However, those battles allowed him to see what he needs to do. They walk into the workshop and see the girl helping Sekai as he applies paint to the Build Burning, which makes Fumina jealous. The girl asks who Fumina is and if she’s Sekai’s girlfriend, which upsets Fumina further. The next morning, the team eats with Ral, who is impressed by the Build Burning’s condition. Yuuma explains that Sekai didn’t fix it on his own because some cute girl helped him. Fumina and Yuuma decide to work on their Gunpla while Sekai conducts special training. Fumina snarkily asks if he’s going to flirt with that girl again. In one of the simulators, Saga’s Gundam The End ties for the 18th time in a row against Wilfrid’s Transient Gundam. Saga wants stronger prey, but Wilfrid cautions him to rest because the slow movement of his fangs shows that his right wrist is still healing. Saga is impressed and comments that Wilfrid is really aiming to be the fourth Meijin, but Wilfrid corrects him and declares that he will definitely be the fourth. Sekai and Ral head to practice and encounter Kei Karima of Honmoku Academy, who offers to fight them. Allan comments on how Wilfrid’s training in England with Julian Mackenzie has improved his skills. They walk into the simulator room and find Ral asking Kei why he wants a fight. Kei answers that he wants to gauge the relative strength of the Gunpla Academy by fighting Sekai, who lost to Saga. Sekai sees that Kei has no interest in battling him otherwise, but then Wilfrid steps in and offers to fight. He doesn’t like people who disrespect their opponents in battle, which is what the Meijin would say. Sekai points out that he was challenged first, but Kei answers that he has no interest in fighting him now that Wilfrid is around. The White Wolf team wants to fight as well, and the Meijin steps in to supervise all of them in a battle royal on damage level C.

At the workshop, Fumina tells Yuuma that she was too dependent on supporting him and Sekai to the neglect of her own skills. Ral runs in and tells them that Sekai is in a battle royal now. Matsunaga’s Zaku Managarmr launches an ineffective attack against the Transient Gundam and is quickly destroyed. Sekai concludes that Wilfrid must be as strong or stronger than Saga, but he then comes under fire from Kei’s Cherudim Gundam. Kei then opens fire on Wilfrid and uses ruined buildings as cover. Kei isn’t impressed by the Transient Gundam’s output, and Wilfrid asks him why he isn’t using his favorite mobile armor, but Kei doesn’t reveal his hand early. Kei wants Wilfrid to get serious, but Wilfrid answers that he can’t fight seriously against a half-hearted opponent. Saga tells Allan that Wilfrid is looking for a worthy rival, and Allan notes that while Saga is at the same level, they’re teammates. Kei attacks with his shield bits, but Wilfrid defends with his GN partisan and destroys them. Sekai then steps in and vows to fight with his all. Wilfrid notices that Sekai is carrying no weapons, so he drops his GN partisan. Sekai uses a Seiken-Zuki that Wilfrid dodges, and he manages to recover when Wilfrid kicks him. Sekai is able to dodge Wilfrid’s attacks, and Saga notes that Sekai is fighting differently from yesterday. Lady asks the girl why she helped Sekai with his modeling skills, and she answers that it’s no fun to fight a weak Gunpla. Sekai and Wilfrid kick each other, and Wilfrid recognizes his moves as the Jigen Haoh school. The Build Burning starts to glow with flames as Sekai uses a Hado Reppaku-Ken attack that Wilfrid blocks. The two punch each other and are impressed by their skills. The Shiki triplet brothers watch the battle and are amazed by the power output. Yuuma tells Fumina that for all the things he dislikes about Sekai, he’s their ace. The Build Burning exhibits flaming wings and unleashes a phoenix on Wilfrid, but he’s able to dodge. The phoenix then reaches space and destroys the Moon. Pushed to its limits, the Build Burning’s arms explode, and the battle ends after exceeding the time limit. Fumina and Yuuma say goodbye to the Meijin and Lady, who are off to see a tournament in Osaka. Fumina wants to surpass Lady, but Lady tells her to first defeat a certain girl in the nationals. Yuuma sees that they need to upgrade all their units to keep pace at the nationals. The girl, Shia Kijima, meets with her older brother and Saga, and she apologizes for being late.


Sekai meets a mysterious girl and learns how to get closer to the Build Burning by working on its repairs himself. This makes Fumina jealous, and it’s almost understandable why when the mysterious girl is later revealed to be Shia Kijima of the Gunpla Academy team. We see that her older brother Wilfrid is a powerful fighter searching for a rival, and he recently trained with Julian Mackenzie, who was the English champ in the first series. Saga comes across as less of a jerk this time, possibly because the jerk role is taken up by Kei Karima, who’s been lurking about the last few episodes. Sekai displays some new skills in a solid fight against Wilfrid’s Transient Gundam and manages to blow up the Moon. This episode solidifies the main rivalries we’ll be seeing at the national tournament: Sekai vs Wilfrid, Yuuma vs Saga and Fumina vs Shia. With the national tournament creeping up, it’s time for some midseries upgrades to the Try Fighters.

Overall Rating

Build Fighters Try Info

Shinya Watada

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka
Shinya Terashima
Susumu Imaishi
Fumikane Shimada

Character Designer:
Kenichi Ohnuki

Musical Composer(s):
Yuuki Hayashi
Asami Tachibana

25 episodes

Japan 10.08.2014 – 04.01.2015
Streaming 10.08.2014 – 04.01.2015


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