Macross 7 Ep. 3: Fire Scramble


Mylene rushes over to Basara’s apartment to tell him about their planned appearance on the Super Nova Live show. She tells him that other bands like Queen & King and Mosaic have had their debuts on Super Nova, but he isn’t interested. Mylene says that performing on Super Nova is their chance to show everyone how good Fire Bomber is. Ray says that Basara must not be happy about having to take the Excalibur to the show, and Mylene says she had to use it just to get them on the list. Mylene asks Basara if he has a problem with people telling him when to sing. He tells her that’s the case, and that he sings when he feels like it. Ray and Mylene leave for the Starry Sky Hall in Central City, and Mylene mentions that she already had the Excalibur sent there. Basara runs over to his window and finds that the Excalibur is gone. Basara takes a train to Central City, and on a TV screen he sees a reporter interview Max and Milia about the Varauta attacks. Max says that they don’t know much about the Varauta yet, and Milia criticizes him for not contacting city hall earlier during the first battle. Several punks who are fans of Queen & King board the train and sit down behind Basara, complaining that they want to see concert footage on TV rather than the news. As the interview continues, Milia mentions reports of heavy casualties suffered by the military, but Max writes them off as rumors. Basara’s Excalibur arrives at the Starry Sky Hall, and a man asks promoter Akiko Houjoh if it’s a good idea to sign up so many no-name bands for the show. She tells him that many bands started out as unknowns and points out that Basara’s Excalibur is now famous. Milia continues to argue with Max on TV and asks about the condition of the soldiers who are hospitalized. Several Mosaic fans board the train and begin insulting the Queen & King fans. As Max and Milia continue to bicker, the reporter mentions the rumor about them getting divorced, but they both deny it. Max then suddenly signs off from the interview, followed by Milia. At the train station, the Mosaic and Queen & King fans begin yelling at each other. Basara interrupts their argument and begins singing “Charging Love Heart.” Elsewhere, a plan to attack the Macross 7 fleet is discussed on Geperuniti’s flagship. The plan is to send a decoy force to lure the defense forces away while another ship folds out right above the Macross 7. Gigile doesn’t think they need to use such ploys, but Geperuniti orders him to execute the plan.

At the Starry Sky Hall, one of the workers asks Mylene when Basara is going to show up. He says they can get a replacement from another band because people will only be looking at the Excalibur anyway. Mylene objects, and Akiko says she’ll push Fire Bomber back and give them an extra hour. Mylene runs out to find Basara, and Ray tells Akiko that she’s nicer now than when he last saw her. Elsewhere, the Queen & King and Mosaic fans attack Basara and tell him to shut up because they hate his singing. Mylene asks them what they’re doing, and one of the Mosaic fans knocks her to the ground. He comes at her, but Basara punches him in the face. The rest of the fans attack, and Basara beats them up. He’s shocked that he hit someone, and he yells at Mylene, saying it’s her fault he had to hit people. He says he can’t use force and has to reach people through his songs. As the fans prepare to attack again, Ray pulls up in a van and the three escape. Ray asks Basara if he looked at the song they’re performing today, but Basara says he hasn’t. Ray gives Basara the music sheet, and Basara sees it’s the song he just wrote. Elsewhere, a Varauta ship de-folds near the Macross 7, and Max issues a battle alert and orders the Thunderbolts to launch. Because of the ship’s distance, Exsedol thinks it might be a ploy. At the concert hall, Fire Bomber comes on stage, and the Mosaic and Queen & King fans recognize Basara. Basara begins singing the new song “My Soul for You” and the punks heckle him and say he sucks. A vanguard frigate de-folds above the Macross 7, and Exsedol says that’s the real attack force. Max orders Diamond Force to launch and attack the enemy ship. The battle alert sounds in City 7, and Basara jumps into his Excalibur. Gigile asks several Elgersoln pilots why they’re approaching City 7, and they say they’re under Geperuniti’s orders. Gamlin spots Basara entering the battlefield, and Basara fires out speaker pods so that he can sing “My Soul for You.” Gamlin angrily circles around Basara, but Kinryu orders him to leave Basara alone. In the concert hall, the audience watches on TV as Gigile chases Basara around. Geperuniti watches Basara and receives a report that the soldiers have infiltrated the Macross 7. He calls Gigile and orders him to retreat because the operation’s goal has been accomplished. Gigile is angry that Geperuniti used him as a decoy. Basara returns to the concert hall and finds that many people enjoyed his performance, including the guys he beat up earlier.


The basic pattern of this episode is the same as the first two, but there’s a few things going on. First, we see that Max and Milia aren’t getting along so well. I guess disagreements are bound to happen after 35 years of marriage and seven daughters. Basara gets into a fistfight with a bunch of punks and surprisingly beats them all up. However, he blames Mylene for making him attack those punks. I can understand someone not wanting to use force, but it’s not her fault the punks attacked her, and his singing certainly wasn’t going to stop them. The Varauta attack once again, and much to Gigile’s dismay, he’s just a decoy so that Geperuniti’s soldiers can infiltrate the Macross 7. We’re also introduced to Akiko Houjoh, a music promoter who has some previous involvement with Ray. We’ll see more about that in the future.

Original Review: May 11, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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