Macross 7 Ep. 9: Angel Night


Three weeks have passed since the “Planet Dance” single was released, and Mylene is upset that they’re ranked 194 on the music charts. Basara thinks that’s ok as long as they keep going up, and Mylene counters that with that slacker attitude it will take years to reach the top 10. Mylene tells Basara he needs to take recording more seriously like a pro, and he says they should practice their new song. At a record store, the owner tells the cashier not to play Fire Bomber and instead switches to Alice Holiday. Basara’s flower fangirl then buys a copy of the “Planet Dance” single, and an incognito Alice looks at one of her own records and hides from two men. Back at Basara’s apartment, Mylene screws up a line, and Basara yells at her for messing up the most important part of the song. She tells him that she’s thinking about doing it well, and he counters that she should just sing with all her heart rather than thinking about it. Mylene says they each have their own way of doing things, and Basara says they’ll never finish anything by doing it her way. Mylene then packs up her guitar and says goodbye to Ray before storming off. Basara says he was just trying to encourage her, and Ray yells at him to get her back since they’ve already had so many members quit on them. Mylene sits atop a park water fountain, and the two men pull up and ask if she’s seen anyone who looks like Alice Holiday. They drive away when Mylene says no, and Mylene spots Alice hiding by her car. They take a drive on a highway, and Alice thanks Mylene for helping her. Starstruck, Mylene asks Alice how her work is going, but Alice says it’s all over because she can’t sing as well anymore. Mylene says that’s not true and that Alice is the reason why she wanted to become a singer and join a band. Alice says that she’s just like a canary that forgot how to sing and should be thrown out. Unbeknownst to them, two Varauta “vampires” follow them and examine their Spiritia levels. Back at the apartment, the men looking for Alice describe Mylene’s car to Ray and say their concert tomorrow will be a disaster if they can’t find Alice. Michael’s men spot Mylene on the highway and begin following on a parallel street. Mylene spots them and speeds off, and the vampires cut them off. Michael arrives and orders them to continue their pursuit. Mylene vents about Basara, and Alice says it’s nice to have such problems. The vampires fire a beam and sap Alice’s Spiritia, but Mylene thinks she fell asleep. Elsewhere, Geperuniti is informed about the level of Spiritia found in Alice.

Mylene continues to talk and tries to cheer Alice up. She says she wanted to become a singer because she wanted to sing and hear others sing. She realizes that her problems are childish and vows that she won’t quit now. Alice wakes up and says that she suddenly feels like she doesn’t care about anything. Elsewhere, Ray, Basara, Veffidas and the two men drive around in a van to search for Mylene. There aren’t any places left to look, and Basara suggests going back to the apartment because Mylene is different from all the others who quit. Michael spots the van and decides to follow them because they might lead to Mylene. Veffidas spots Mylene, and Mylene drives into the Acshio and parks near a gazebo. Alice looks at City 7 and says that she’s surprised to be back there again. Mylene asks her to sing again, and Alice says she doesn’t feel like singing ever again. Mylene thinks it would be sad if she didn’t sing again and starts to sing the new song, “Sweet Fantasy.” The vampires watch from nearby and find it strange that Alice’s Spiritia level is changing. As Mylene sings, the van pulls up and the band joins her in the song. Alice’s Spiritia level returns to normal, and she watches happily as the band performs. Suddenly, an Elgersoln smashes through the forest and attempts to kidnap Alice. Basara drives off in Mylene’s car while everyone else escapes in the van. As Ray reaches a bigger road, the vampire van pulls in front to block their path. He tries to back up, but the Elgersoln grabs the van and picks it up off the road. Just then, Basara arrives in his Excalibur and begins to sing “Planet Dance.” The van manages to escape and is followed by the vampires. As Alice listens to Basara’s singing, her Spiritia level rises to previously unseen numbers. The Elgersoln fires missiles at Basara and then turns its attention to the van. Basara fires a speaker pod into the Elgersoln, and it fires a blinder to pick up the vampires and cover its escape. Alice tells Basara and Mylene that their songs were great. On the Varauta flagship, Geperuniti concludes that the Spiritia Farm Project is now a possibility. The next day, a re-energized Alice performs in concert to thunderous applause. After watching the show, Basara says they should get back to practicing their songs. He says that in the end everything turned out well because Mylene ran away.


With all the constant arguing between Mylene and Basara, it had to explode at some point. This time, Basara goes a bit too far with his criticism and sends Mylene packing. As a result, Mylene encounters Alice, a famous singer who has lost the will to sing. The reason why is unclear, but since she was being followed by vampires, it’s possible they were just slowly draining her Spiritia, and thus her will to do anything. As they drained more, she couldn’t even be bothered to stand up. Although they don’t know it yet, Mylene and the others have discovered the way to counter the effects of Varauta Spiritia draining. Unfortunately, they’ve also proven Geperuniti’s theory about creating a rejuvenating supply of Spiritia so that they don’t have to keep hunting. There was no large battle in space this time, so Gamlin is a no show in this episode.

Original Review: May 12, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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