MSJ-06III-A Tieren All-Region Type


Model number: MSJ-06III-A
Code name: Tieren All-Region Type (aka Sergei’s Tieren Taozi)
Unit type: limited production general purpose mobile suit
Manufacturer: HRL (Human Reform League)
Operator: Earth Sphere Federation
Rollout: unknown
First deployment: AD 2312
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 18.7 meters
Weight: max gross 112.1 metric tons
Armor materials:
Powerplant: electrical engine, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 30mm machine gun, mounted in chest
Optional hand armaments: beam rifle, can emit beam saber

The MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi was created from the MSJ-06YIII-B Tieren Kyitwo, a prototype for the MSJ-07 intended to serve as the successor to the Human Reform League’s Tieren series. The MSJ-07 plan was dropped following the appearance of the Gundams in 2307 and the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation in 2308. However, a few units were produced, including Sergei Smirnov’s Tieren Taozi, formally known as the All-Region Type. Unlike other Tieren variants, the All-Region Type could function in any environment without changing equipment. The suit was equipped with more thrusters, movable shoulder armor and new leg thrusters, which in total gave it higher mobility than other Tierens.

Sergei’s Tieren Taozi was customized for his use. Although incorrect, former HRL personnel liked to refer to the All-Region Type as Taozi due to its outward similarity with the Tieren Taozi. The All-Region Type was essentially a normal pilot use version of the Tieren Taozi, which was designed for quantum brainwave user Soma Peries. The unit’s beam rifle could emit a beam saber and was equipped with a GN condenser so that a non-GN Drive equipped suit could use it. Normally, the usage of beam weaponry required a compatible mobile suit OS, but to adjust the OS of a suit not designed for beam weaponry to use one was extremely difficult. As such, this beam rifle relied heavily on the skills of the pilot, and could only be used by highly skilled pilots such as Sergei. He used his All-Region Type in 2312 while attempting to defuse a coup d’état launched at the African orbital elevator. However, in the heat of battle, Sergei was killed by his estranged son, A-LAWS pilot Andrei Smirnov.

Pilot: Sergei Smirnov
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Original mechanical designer: Kenji Teraoka


Beam rifle




Rear view

Gundam 00 Info

Seiji Mizushima

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Takayuki Yanase
Hitoshi Fukuchi
Kenji Teraoka
Naohiro Washio
Kunio Okawara
Seiichi Nakatani

Character Designer(s):
Yun Kouga
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 10.06.2007 – 03.29.2008 (S1);
10.05.2008 – 03.29.2009 (S2)
U.S. 11.24.2008 – 02.09.2009 (S1);
06.29.2009 – 09.21.2009 (S2)

Video Release (SE):
Japan 10.27.2009 – 02.23.2010
U.S. 09.04.2018


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