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Psybuster Ep. 6: Black Trap


Helicopters search the forest around Mt Fuji but stop when the sun sets. Izaki yells at the new recruits for slacking off before running off to meet Saphine. Ken is told he has a phone call, which is from Ryuzo. Ken hurries to the hospital when he’s told Sayuri has fallen ill. Ryuzo tells him that she’ll need to be moved to a sanatorium, which is near the sea of trees. Ken remembers that’s where Psybuster fell. Ryuzo wonders if Mizuki was right about Psybuster and says he’s going to stop off at DC for Shu’s press conference before taking Sayuri to the sanatorium. Ryuzo knows he’ll say the live ammo was mixed in by mistake but wonders why Mizuki is always the one in danger. The next day, Shu tells the press that they’ll take measures to make sure a mistake doesn’t happen again. He is asked why the DC needs weapons in the first place and Shu answers it’s a counter measure against Psybuster. He assures them they’ll disarm once Psybuster has been eliminated. Another reporter asks about the mysterious explosions when Ken peeps in to see his dad sleeping. Mizuki says that Masaki is just investigating the explosions, but Lyune asks her why he showed up the last time. Mizuki says it was to save her and Ryuzo exits. Ken scolds him for yawning instead of taking Sayuri to the sanatorium but Ryuzo says that since the DC has opened its doors he needs to take advantage of it. Mizuki introduces Ryuzo to Lyune, who blows him off when he asks her to show him around. Mizuki and Ken show Ryuzo around. It reminds him of parents’ day at Ken’s school. He says he could never find Ken but was told he’d show up at lunch break. Ryuzo eventually asks Mizuki to take him to Saphine’s office to take a look at the box she found. Ken objects but Mizuki agrees, saying Saphine is busy in the press conference. Ken continues objecting and Mizuki tells him she’s almost died three times and it started when she got curious about the box. They reach the office while Saphine tells Izaki to cover for her as she leaves the conference. They can’t open the door to the inner office without Saphine’s key and Ryuzo suggests breaking it down. Saphine walks in and asks them what they’re doing. Ryuzo says he wanted to see the box that put Mizuki’s life in danger and tells her that he forced the other two to take him into the office, so she shouldn’t blame them. He goes to leave but Saphine stops him. She goes into the other room and comes out with the box.

Saphine tells Ryuzo he can take the box, saying he probably knows some one that could get it open. Ryuzo asks where she got it from and she says it was near an explosion. Ryuzo tosses it into the back seat of his car. Ken tells him to pick up Sayuri before he tries to get the box open. Ryuzo says he knows and apologizes to Mizuki before driving off. Saphine activates the micro black hole bomb. Ryuzo drives into a tunnel where his car breaks down. He runs out and curses the used car salesman. Ken calls him and tells him to hurry to the hospital. Ryuzo’s cell phone cuts off and he goes back for the box. Before he does, he remembers he should call Sayuri, but his cell phone won’t work. Ryuzo runs off to find a working pay phone. A nurse takes Sayuri to the lobby, but sees that Ryuzo isn’t there yet. Ryuzo finally finds a working payphone and calls the hospital. The micro black hole bomb explodes and engulfs the area. Izaki tells the RT pilots about the explosion and Ken hurries off because his father was nearby. Saphine tells Lyune to standby in Balcion in case Psybuster shows up. Mizuki asks Ken what’s wrong and he tells her about Ryuzo. Mizuki says he probably got away in his car, but Ken says it might have died on him. The RTs reach the crater and Mizuki says Ryuzo might be at the hospital already. Ken and Mizuki walk away and Izaki threatens to fire them for disobeying orders. They enter the hospital and are told that Sayuri had been transferred already. Ryuzo had called to say his car died and had other arrangements made. Ken thinks his father is dead, but Ryuzo wakes up from taking a nap in the lobby. Ryuzo says he was tired from running there and Ken says it’s his fault for driving that piece of junk. Ryuzo explains that that piece of junk saved his life. He guesses where his car was will be the center of the explosion. The hospital gets a call from Sayuri for her father but Ken snatches the phone away and apologizes that Ryuzo messed up. Sayuri tells him that it’s not so quiet there because of the DC’s search. In the forest, glowing footprints lead away from Psybuster.


This was a pretty tense episode. The micro black hole bomb could have gone off at anytime while Ryuzo kept meeting technological misfortune. But it was because of that that he managed to survive. Ryuzo’s a cool guy so I’m glad they didn’t kill him off so soon. The only other important development in this episode is that Sayuri has been moved to the sanatorium near the Sea of Trees. She’s sure to get involved in things soon enough.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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