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Psybuster Ep. 9: Escape from DC


Lyune fires the beam cannon, but Ken dodges. Ken yells at her to stop and Psybuster sends out a blast of wind that slices off the upper part of the Balcion. Saphine orders them to retreat and they leave Lyune behind. Ken takes her to the Sanatorium where Ryuzo asks him if he has a clearer picture of the DC now. He says he was shocked when Saphine shot Masaki, but he never thought they’d abandon Lyune like that. He says he’ll go back to DC to evaluate it for himself. He adds that no one knows he was the one piloting Psybuster, which Ryuzo is still skeptical about it. Ken says he hid it in the sea of trees, but Ryuzo says that the DC will come back once they fortify themselves. Ryuzo says he knows a good place and they go to Psybuster in the forest. Ken wonders if La Guias looks like that. Ryuzo slips and Ken catches him. Ryuzo comments on how strong he’s gotten. Ryuzo remembers a family trip they took to the mountains. They get into Psybuster and Ryuzo has Ken hide it at the bottom of a lake. Ryuzo remembers Ken can’t swim so he saves him from drowning. He wonders how he got into DC when he can’t swim and Ken reminds him he’s a substitute. Ken wonders how he’ll get back to Psybuster and Ryuzo tells him he’s good at sinking. Ken returns to DC and is met by Nanase and the other recruits. They bombard him with questions and tell him that Lyune was killed. They suggest getting revenge for her and Ken asks where Mizuki is. Nanase tells him she’s in the infirmary with Masaki. Ken heads there and runs into Mizuki. She tells him that Masaki was taken for treatment, but no one will tell her where. She worries Masaki won’t make it.

Shu is informed of Psybuster’s escape and Saphine wonders how it could move with no pilot. Shu says they’ll find out when they interrogate Masaki. A mechanic laments on how easily Balcion was destroyed. Saphine asks about how the Prescions are doing and Shu hopes they’re not taking manpower away from the Granzon‘s development. Saphine says they don’t need to worry once it’s completed, as it uses the power of the micro black hole. Shu says it was the micro black hole that called Psybuster in the first place. He says if the black hole is the entrance, the white hole the exit, perhaps the exit is on La Guias. Saphine recalls that Mizuki had seen Earth debris on La Guias. Shu remembers 20 years ago, while he was imprisoned between dimensions for treachery, a white hole appeared and sent him to Earth. He spent 15 years taking over DC and experimenting with black and white holes to free Saphine and the others. Shu says their goal is to take revenge on La Guias, but they have to take over Earth first. Ryuzo finds a picture of him and his wife, remembering his vow to solve the mystery of the white light that killed her. Ken and Mizuki sneak around DC, but Ken tells her to go home. She says she can’t leave things to him, especially when he helped the DC take Psybuster. He says it was thanks to that he ended up piloting Psybuster. Mizuki doesn’t believe it, but Ken drags her into a corner when Saphine walks by. When she leaves, Mizuki slaps Ken and calls him a pervert, but he explains he saw Saphine. They go through the door Saphine left and find Masaki. They get him out, but neither of them have a plan to escape DC. At the Sanatorium, Sayuri tells Lyune that Ken was the one piloting Psybuster. Lyune can’t believe it but Ryuzo enters and confirms. He assures her Ken wouldn’t do something to harm her on purpose. A nurse enters and tells Ryuzo he has a phone call. Ken and Mizuki try to escape through the hangar, but Saphine stops them. She says she won’t kill them if they return Masaki. Ken says he has serious doubts about her, so he won’t give Masaki back. Mizuki hits the button to open the door and they make a break for it. Saphine shoots at them but misses. She runs out of bullets so she chases them in a RT. A helicopter cuts them off, but Itetsu is the pilot. Ken and Mizuki hop on and they fly away. DC loses track of it near Mt Fuji and Saphine orders the RTs to head out. Masaki wonders where he is and Mizuki assures him her dad is on their side. Itetsu says they’re going somewhere safe and Mizuki realizes Saphine will go after Sayuri since she knows Masaki. Itetsu says he’s made arrangements.


A number of things happen in this episode. Psybuster (accidentally) destroys Balcion and Lyune is left for dead. For supposedly being a powerful mech, Balcion did absolutely nothing before it was destroyed. Shu’s not too concerned, as he has the Prescions and the Granzon up his sleeve. His intentions are finally revealed as well. He’s also from La Guias, but was imprisoned in the gap between worlds. He some how managed to escape to Earth and now he wants revenge. He mentions experiments to free his comrades, which is probably the event that killed Ken’s mom. Ken and Mizuki break Masaki out of DC and have now completely severed ties with them. Can’t say I’m impressed with Saphine, as not only does her aim suck, but she fails to catch two kids on foot with a giant robot. The Ando men also show they aren’t the brightest folk. Who hides their robot at the bottom of a lake when they can’t swim?

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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