RVF-25 Messiah


Model number: RVF-25
Code name: Messiah
Unit type: variable fighter
Manufacturer(s): Shinsei Industry; L.A.I.; Macross Frontier Arsenal Original Development
Operator: SMS (Strategic Military Services)
Rollout: AD 2057
First deployment: AD 2059
Accommodation: pilot, in canopy-style cockpit using EX-Gear system; auxiliary seat for passenger
Dimensions: head height 14.53 meters (Battroid mode, without beam guns), overall height 15.59 meters (Battroid mode, with beam guns), overall height 4.03 meters (Fighter mode); overall length 18.72 meters (Fighter mode); wingspan 15.5 meters (Fighter mode)
Weight: empty 8.5 metric tons; max gross unknown
Armor materials: SWAG energy conversion armor
Powerplant: 2 x Shinsei Industry/P&W/RR FF-3001A Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engine, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: 2 x 1,620.0 kN (maximum thrust in space); many x P&W HMM-9 high maneuverability vernier thruster
Performance: Fighter mode: maximum level atmospheric speed at 10,000 meters: Mach 5.0+; maximum airframe design load: 27.5G at maximum acceleration for 120 seconds
Thrust-to-weight ratio: empty 39.09
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; capable of unassisted orbital velocity in an Earth-class planet; ISC/TO21 ISC (Inertia Store Converter); variable geometry wing; active stealth system antennae; boundary layer control (BSC); AA/AS/SF-06 integrated radar, mounted in nose; linear actuators; chaff/flare dispenser; optional super fold booster; pinpoint barrier system; AP-SF-01+ Aegis Pack Custom, includes radome, can control up to 6 AIF-7S Ghost drones with fold waves
Fixed armaments: 2 x fixed Mauler RÖV-127C coaxial 12.7mm beam gun, mounted on head; Howard GU-17A 5-barrel 58mm Gatling gun pod, stored under main body in Fighter mode, hand-carried in Battroid and GERWALK modes; standard bulletproof shield, mounted on left forearm; 2 x Remington ES-25A 25mm high-speed machine gun, mounted on hips; 2 x Ka-Bar OTEC AK/VF-M9 assault knife, reinforced with pinpoint barrier system, stored under shield, hand-carried in use in Battroid and GERWALK modes
Optional fixed armaments: 2 x Mauler RÖV-25 25mm beam machine gun, replaces ES-25A machine guns; 6 x underwing hardpoint, can mount anti-ship reaction missiles; SPS-25S/MF25 Super Pack
Optional hand armaments: none

The RVF-25 Messiah was the electronic warfare variant of the standard VF-25 Messiah variable fighter. The RVF-25 was equipped with the Aegis Pack Custom AP-SF-01+ and featured a large radome. Its camera eye was mounted outside the head, as the head included built-in high precision sensor antennas and high-efficiency sensors. The Aegis Pack Custom also included a fin that utilized fold waves to detect targets. The RVF-25 utilized fold waves for detection and could identify up to 2,048 simultaneous targets. The RVF-25’s armaments included a 5-barrel 58mm Gatling gun pod, a bulletproof shield, a pair of machine guns, an assault knife, a pinpoint barrier system and underwing hardpoints for mounting anti-ship reaction missiles or other equipment. The RVF-25 could expand its arsenal with the SPS-25S/MF25 Super Pack. SMS pilot Luca Angeloni used an RVF-25 during the Vajra War in 2059, and he typically sortied with three AIF-7S Ghost drone fighters named Peter, John and Simon.

Pilot: Luca Angeloni
First appearance:
 Macross Frontier (TV series)
Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori






Howard GU-17A 5-barrel 58mm Gatling gun pod


Ka-Bar OTEC AK/VF-M9 assault knife

Macross Frontier Info

Yasuhito Kikuchi
Shoji Kawamori

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Junya Ishigaki
Takeshi Takakura

Character Designer(s):
Risa Ebata
Yuichi Takahashi

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

25 episodes

Japan 04.03.2008 – 09.25.2008


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