GNZ-003 Gadessa

General and Technical Data

Model number: GNZ-003
Code name: Gadessa
Unit type: Innovade use assault mobile suit
Manufacturer: Innovators
Operator: Innovators
Rollout: unknown
First deployment: AD 2312
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso using Core Fighter
Dimensions: head 24.8 meters (normal mode), 21.4 meters (ground mode)
Weight: max gross 60.4 metric tons
Armor materials:
Powerplant: GN Drive Tau, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: GN verniers, total output unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; Trans-Am System (later modification); 2 x GN Condenser, mounted in shoulders
Fixed armaments: 2 x GN Beam Saber, stored in racks in waist, hand-carried in use; 2 x GN Vulcan Gun, mounted in wrists; 6 x GN Cutter, mounted on protrusions on arms and shoulders; GN Mega Launcher, stored on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use
Optional hand armaments: none

Technical and Historical Notes

The GNZ-003 Gadessa was an Innovator/Innovade suit developed using date from Veda inside the Celestial Being. Following the GNZ-001 GRM Gundam, the Gadessa was the second machine of the GNZ mobile suit series, although all suits after the GRM Gundam removed the Gundam aesthetics. As the suit was specialized for bombardment, the GN-005 Gundam Virtue‘s data was used in its design. The suit’s GN Drive Tau was a vastly improved version, with performance comparable to the original GN Drive. The GN Drive Tau powered suit was capable of using the Trans-Am System after Innovade Anew Returner brought back data from the reborn Celestial Being. However, the GN Drive Tau would enter a halted state after Trans-Am was over and needed to be replaced. Spare particles in the GN Condensers allowed the suit to return for the replacement. The suit’s size was similar to the GNX-704T Ahead as it was designed for use with A-LAWS’ ships and facilities. It had a hidden Gundam-type face, and the red line on the forehead was known as a line sensor (a third camera). The suit received backup from Veda, and thus had higher performance than normal mobile suits. The Gadessa was equipped with a Core Fighter that housed the GN Drive Tau and acted as an emergency escape system for the pilot. This feature was based on one first used in the GNY-004 Gundam Plutone.

The Gadessa’s armaments included the GN Mega Launcher, which was developed from the Gundam Virtue’s GN Bazooka. Due to the weapon’s heavy particle consumption, large GN Condensers were present in the shoulders. Like the Gundam Virtue’s GN Bazooka, the GN Mega Launcher needed to be charged before firing. The GN Mega Launcher could also receive power from an optional energy pack mounted at the back of the waist. One energy pack was sufficient for powering two shots at the most. The three barrels/muzzles on the GN Mega Launcher could function as beam rifles. The three barrels on the mega launcher were used for restricting the enemy’s movements. The six GN Cutters were the fin-like protrusions on the arms and shoulders. The GN Cutters could deploy a thin layer of GN Field on their surface when they were used as close range weapons. As the fins could be weaponized instantaneously, they were highly effective during combat.

Miscellaneous Information

Pilot(s): Revive Revival, Hiling Care
First appearance:
 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Original mechanical designer: Takayuki Yanase



Gundam 00 Info

Seiji Mizushima

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Takayuki Yanase
Hitoshi Fukuchi
Kenji Teraoka
Naohiro Washio
Kunio Okawara
Seiichi Nakatani

Character Designer(s):
Yun Kouga
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 10.06.2007 – 03.29.2008 (S1);
10.05.2008 – 03.29.2009 (S2)
U.S. 11.24.2008 – 02.09.2009 (S1);
06.29.2009 – 09.21.2009 (S2)

Video Release (SE):
Japan 10.27.2009 – 02.23.2010
U.S. 09.04.2018


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