Macross 7 Ep. 13: Fold Out


Gamlin flies around in his radome-equipped Nightmare to search for signs of City 7‘s fold wake, but he has no luck. Max comments that he never expected the enemy to take City 7. In an unknown area of space, City 7’s shell opens, and the citizens begin to worry about where they are. In the ship’s fold section, the Varauta commander asks why they didn’t fold out at Geperuniti’s coordinates, and a vampire explains that the ship isn’t capable of such a long distance fold. Another vampire reports that it will be seven hours before they can fold in again. Mylene gets dressed and joins the rest of the band in the van. Milia then appears on TV and informs the citizens that they have been separated from Battle 7 and are in an unknown region of space. She says there’s no reason to worry, but just then the Varauta commander breaks into the broadcast and says they have control of the ship and will kill anyone who interferes. Mylene and Basara argue about the broadcast, and Ray asks her if she can take them to Milia. At her office, Milia is informed by her aides that all the airlocks have been sealed, but she asks them where they would escape to in their current state. A vampire reports to the commander that they’ve inputted new coordinates and have begun charging the fold system. In the Macross 7 fleet, Gamlin comes across a piece of debris and picks it up for analysis. Milia is informed that a fold will occur in four hours, and Mylene arrives with the rest of the band. Milia asks them what they want, and Ray says they want permission to go wild. Sally informs Max about the test results of the sample, which they determined came from another location. Max orders her to open fold communication with those coordinates, but there’s no response. Max then asks how soon it will be before they can fold, and Miho answers that it’ll take eight hours. Kinryu calls Max and asks for permission to send Diamond Force out with fold boosters to City 7, but Max comments that the booster is experimental and dangerous. Gamlin interrupts and says it’s their duty to protect the citizens, even if they have to put their lives on the line. Max then gives in and allows Diamond Force to launch. In City 7, Ray drives through the street in the van while broadcasting “Planet Dance” on loudspeakers. The vampires want to send Elgersolns to investigate, but the commander tells them to continue preparing for the fold. In space, Gigile’s battleship de-fold near City 7.

Gigile asks the commander what’s going on with the music, and the commander answers that they’re charging energy for the fold system. Gigile isn’t happy that they aren’t following his orders, so the commander orders the Elgersolns to launch and find the source of the music. Gigile says he’ll arrive in 80 minutes and is looking forward to Geperuniti’s Spiritia Farm. Ray encounters an Elgersoln on the street and turns around in the other direction after calling Basara and Veffidas. Elsewhere, Veffidas broadcasts the song on a boom box, and Rex’s gang drives around broadcasting as well. In a park, Basara’s fan plays the song on a small radio. One of Milia’s aides wonders if this plan will work, and she tells him she’s going to add some extra insurance. Michael grumbles about having to drive around and broadcast the music too, and the vampires determine that there’s only one abnormal C-chord out there. A vampire comments that if they send out all the Elgersolns, it will slow down their fold operation. An Elgersoln chases after Ray and scans him, but the pilot reports that it doesn’t match the abnormal C-chord. Basara then takes off in his Excalibur and flies over to City 7. Elsewhere, the Diamond Force launches and activates their fold boosters. With 45 minutes left until fold, the commander orders the Elgersolns to return. The Nightmares suffer damage while folding, and Physica wonders if they’ll make it. Basara heads for the control room, and Ray tries to kill 30 more minutes. An Elgersoln picks up Mylene’s car and returns to the fold control room. Diamond Force emerges from its fold and approaches City 7, but their path is blocked by Gigile’s forces. With only nine minutes left, the Varauta begin the fold operation. Basara smashes into the control room and is surprised to find Mylene there. Gamlin engages Gigile’s Elgersoln and sees that City 7 is about to fold. Milia smashes into the control room with her old Valkyrie and shoots off the arm of the Elgersoln that was holding Mylene’s car. She then dodges fire from the Elgersoln, and the commander orders the pilot to stop because it could damage the fold system. Mylene runs over to the fold system, and Basara grabs an Elgersoln that attempts to stop her. Mylene doesn’t know what to do, so Milia gives her instructions. The Elgersolns fall back, and Basara smashes the control panel with a pinpoint barrier punch. Despite that, City 7 still folds and reappears in another unknown location. Mylene wonders what they’ll do know, but Milia says they at least escaped the enemy. Mylene yells at Basara, and he says they’ll figure things out somehow.


After the surprise operation from the last episode, the fleet is left in disarray as it searches for signs of City 7. Milia attempts to keep the situation under control, but that’s quickly ruined by the announcement from the Varauta commander. Ray has a good idea about playing music all across the city to distract the Varauta, and it certainly works because it slows down their fold operation. This allows Diamond Force to get to them with fold boosters, but they’re unfortunately blocked by Gigile. Given that fold boosters were used with no problems in Macross Plus, I wonder why the boosters used by Diamond Force would be a problem five years later. It’s certainly surprising to see Milia in action again with her old red Valkyrie, but we see that she certainly hasn’t lost her skills in the 35 years since Space War I. Despite the intervention of Milia and Basara, it doesn’t stop the Varauta from executing another fold to an unknown part of space.

Original Review: May 13, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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