Macross 7 Ep. 15: A Girl’s Jealousy


Milia is taken in a wheelchair to the area where the police are holding the Elgersoln pilot. The police explain that he hasn’t said anything, and although his life signs are normal, they don’t even know if he can understand them. Milia addresses the pilot through the speaker and asks what his objective is, but he says nothing. A doctor enters and reports that they’ve finished their DNA analysis on the pilot. Milia asks what kind of alien he is, but the doctor explains that he’s a human. Milia orders the police to make sure that information doesn’t get leaked. Elsewhere, citizens gather at the park for a carnival hosted by Milia. Basara wonders why people are coming to a carnival, and Ray tells him there’s an ulterior motive. By disguising it as a carnival, Milia is trying to get citizens to gather all the private Battroids they own to form a fighting force. The carnival grounds are lined with old Destroids and Valkyries from Space War I that have been cosmetically altered as carnival pieces. Ray comments that Battroids aren’t necessary during peacetime, so this may be a good way to use them. Basara is shocked to see a Monster unit, and one of the veterans from the retirement home explains that he’s been polishing it daily since he retired from the service. Basara doesn’t like it and asks if they’re going to use old men as pilots. In another part of the carnival, citizens line up to ride Battroids, and Ray tells Basara that it’s a way to recruit for pilots from the population. He says Milia believes that if they test enough people, a few might have enough skills to be pilots. Basara repeats his dislike of the idea, and Ray informs him that Milia wants him to be a pilot instructor. Basara refuses, and he’s surprised to see Mylene in the Battroid line. Ray pulls her out of the line and tells her that it isn’t a ride, but a pilot recruiting tool. Mylene says that she’s determined to try, and Ray tells her she could get killed in actual combat. Mylene’s turn in line arrives, but Milia tells her she can’t be a pilot and rips up her application. Mylene storms off and sees Basara talking to Rex’s gang, who are all in line as well. One of the gang members tells Basara that Rex is trying hard because she wants to talk to him, and Rex blushes when Basara looks at her. Later, Basara gets a hot dog, and Mylene asks him why he didn’t try to stop Rex’s gang from joining. Mylene is angry that he called her a kid and tried to stop her, so she steals his hot dog. On stage, several civilians have trouble moving their Valkyries and crash into each other and the stage. Mylene asks Ray about practicing for their show, but he’s busy repairing a Valkyrie. Basara’s fan spots him and attempts to give him flowers, but Rex’s girls grab him and take him away because they want to learn how to pilot. Basara gives them tips and instructs Rex as she sits in the cockpit of his Excalibur, to the dismay of Mylene. On Battle 7, Gamlin thinks about Mylene.

Later, Mylene and Veffidas practice “My Friends” at Basara’s apartment. Veffidas wants to stop, but Mylene tells her they have to keep practicing. The next morning, Mylene leaves and hides behind her car when she sees Rex come out of Basara’s building. At a fast food restaurant, she wonders why Basara was together with Rex. Michael sits down with her and brings up the subject, telling Mylene she’s slow to realize they spent the night together. Later, Mylene spots Akiko, who says she’s going to record the show. Akiko asks where Basara is, and Mylene answers that he’s probably off with some girl somewhere. Akiko tells Mylene that she’s jealous, and she sees several Elgersolns approaching from the sky. The Elgersolns fly in and begin attacking the Battroids. The old men activate their Monster and prepare to attack. Milia wants to know if there’s pilots, but everyone runs away. Milia’s aide stops her from trying to pilot, so Rex decides to volunteer and takes off in Milia’s Valkyrie. An Elgersoln opens fire on her, and although she dodges the first attack, she’s hit from behind and crashes into the ground. Basara then appears in his Excalibur and begins singing “Planet Dance.” A gang member named Colette wants to try next, but Mylene is already in the cockpit and takes off. Basara dodges the enemy fire, and Mylene opens fire on the Elgersoln. Mylene yells at Basara to fight the enemy, but he says he has his own way of doing things. She tells him they have to fight and protect the people, and he tells her she’s just like Gamlin. Mylene dodges enemy fire and destroys an Elgersoln. Milia is impressed with the Valkyrie pilot’s skill, and her aide informs her that it’s Mylene. Mylene attacks another Elgersoln, but Basara keeps getting in the way. Elsewhere, the captured Varauta pilot hears the music and begins moving his finger. The old men fire their Monster’s cannon, but they miss and destroy a skyscraper. Milia yells at them for using such a large weapon in the city. Basara blocks Mylene’s path and tells her not to get carried away. After landing, Mylene yells at Basara for stopping her, and she says if she hadn’t fought, the city might’ve been destroyed. He asks her why she thinks he’s singing, and Ray tells him she doesn’t understand yet. He tells her she’s just a kid, and she says he should visit Rex in the hospital, since she knows he was with her all night. Ray says her was there too and explains that they were showing Rex everything about Battroids. Mylene runs off, and Ray catches up and tells her that while fighting may protect people, it would be better if they didn’t have to fight to defeat the enemy. The captured pilot begins singing.


Milia has a clever plan to deal with the Varauta threat, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite work out. I’m kind of surprised that so many people have old Valkyries and Battroids, especially the old geezers with their Monster. Too bad they brought too much firepower for the fight. There’s not much plot development in this episode, and the main thrust of it is Mylene’s jealousy over Basara’s interactions with Rex. Michael tries to spell it out for her, but she’s really slow to get it. One important plot point is the discovery that the Varauta pilots are actually humans. The captured pilot is in an almost catatonic state, but he begins to react to Basara’s music, much like the Spiritia-sapped pilots. During the battle, Mylene shows off some impressive skills for a newbie, but I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise considering her parents. This brings her into conflict with Basara, as she believes that he’s just singing rather than fighting. Of course, this brings on even more arguments.

Original Review: May 13, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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