Macross 7 Ep. 20: A Lady’s Temptation


In his apartment, Basara practices “Holy Lonely Light” on guitar until he passes out momentarily and falls down. Later, a large crowd waits for a Fire Bomber show to start. Akiko pulls Ray aside and tells him how surprised she is about the number of people who have showed up. Ray says it’s a strange feeling because the first time they played at that venue, hardly anyone showed up. Elsewhere, Rex’s gang speeds across the highway to get to the Fire Bomber concert and is followed from above by Sivil. Basara parachutes onto the stage, and Mylene asks him if he finished the new song he was unsure about. He tells her he wasn’t unsure about it and launches into “Remember 16.” Rex falls behind as the rest of the gang hurries ahead of them, so she jumps off of a hill and passes all of them. Milia and Michael watch the show from the hills, and Milia tells him to keep an eye on her and stop her from fighting in space. Rex jumps over Milia’s car and steals the fangirl’s flowers, which she presents to Basara after jumping on stage. Basara tells her he’ll play his best, and Mylene is noticeably annoyed. Rex then kisses Basara, so Mylene rushes into “Planet Dance” to stop them. As Basara begins to sing, Rex’s eyes glow and she runs off the stage and speeds away on her bike. Rex drives into a stream and wonders how Basara could have that effect on her. At the Macross 7 fleet, a recovered Docker tests out his new Excalibur and is amazed by the latest fighter’s performance. Max is surprised by Docker and the other pilots’ performance, and Chiba explains that all the pilots were hit in the first attack by the Varauta. An officer recommends that Docker be promoted to lead the new Emerald Force, and Max says he’ll think about it. Elsewhere, Gigile’s battleship folds away from the rest of the fleet. During a break, Mylene sarcastically comments that Basara must’ve been energized by a hug and kiss from a fan. Gamlin brings Mylene flowers, and she’s annoyed to see that Basara has fallen asleep, so she leaves with Gamlin. Rex drives through the forest up to a spot overlooking the band’s van.

Geperuniti sees that his plan is moving to a new level when he’s informed of the appearance of another New Macross class fleet. Back in City 7, the other girls in Rex’s gang wonder why she’s acting so strangely. Mylene and Gamlin have ice cream, and she tells him she’s surprised he likes rock. Rex sneaks into the van and unzips her top. She approaches Basara, but he suddenly wakes up when a battle alert is sounded. Mylene tries to run after Gamlin, but Michael stops her. Basara asks the crowd to watch him on the screen and runs off to get his Excalibur. Gamlin suits up and takes off in his Nightmare. Basara heads into space and fires speaker pods into the Elgersolns as he sings “Charging Love Heart.” As the rest of the band plays, Ray notices that Basara’s movements are slow. Gamlin engages an Elgersoln, and Gigile attacks Basara. Basara dodges Gigile’s attacks, and Gamlin attacks Gigile and blows off one of his Elgersoln‘s legs. Gigile pulls back and decides to leave Gamlin for last since his Spiritia level is rising. Gamlin destroys several Elgersolns, and the rest retreat to Gigile’s ship and fold in. Gamlin calls Basara a fool and wonders how long he’s going to think that he can fight the enemy with music. He demands an answer, but Basara has fallen asleep inside the cockpit. Later, Basara returns to his apartment and is greeted by the rest of the band. Mylene tells Basara that the crowd had a good reaction, but he simply ignores her and heads to his room. Mylene yells at him, but Ray asks her to cut Basara some slack because he was up all night working. Basara is surprised to find Rex in his room and falls into her arms. She asks him if she’s in the way, and he loses his footing again and falls to the floor with her on top. Rex tells Basara she wants to learn more about him, so he grabs his acoustic guitar and begins playing “My Soul for You.” Rex unzips her top again, and Mylene wonders why he’s singing. Rex tries to touch Basara, but she falls back and begins to scream. She then runs out of the building and drives off in her bike. She then falls off the bike, and Sivil comes out of her body and flies off. Ray thinks to himself that something strange is happening, and Rex wonders what happened to her. Oblivious to what’s happened, Basara sleeps in his bed.


There’s not quite so much going on for most of this episode. Basara misses out on a few things by falling asleep all the time. Sivil is still fixated on Basara, and now she’s taken to possessing Rex’s body. Listening to Basara’s music makes Sivil-as-Rex hot and bothered enough to create a few scenes of fanservice. This of course makes Mylene jealous again, so she runs off with Gamlin. It all ends with Basara’s music being too much still for Sivil, so she abandons Rex’s body. Rex’s escape obviously gives the worst impression to Mylene, since Rex ran out of Basara’s apartment screaming and with half her breasts showing. I’m a little surprised by Gamlin’s attitude in this episode. Although he’s come to respect Basara as a musician, he still doesn’t acknowledge the effect that Basara is having on the Varauta, even though he’s seen it firsthand. In another thread, Docker and the other pilots have recovered from their Spiritia draining and get to pilot spiffy military Excaliburs. Also, Geperuniti is informed of the presence of another Macross fleet, which certainly isn’t good for them.

Original Review: May 17, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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