Macross 7 Ep. 25: Midnight Duet


The police investigate a Varauta escape pod that crashed near the woods. Gigile and a vampire walk through City 7, and the vampire reports that he can’t pick up Sivil’s signal. He believes that Sivil isn’t on the ship, but Gigile insists that he is and orders the vampire to keep searching, regardless of what Geperuniti’s orders are. Elsewhere, Gamlin pulls up in front of Basara’s house and finds that a crowd has gathered to watch Sound Force practice their formations. Unfortunately, their coordination is nonexistent, and Basara decides to quit for the day, despite Mylene’s objections. Max calls Milia and informs her that they’ll be folding in for Rax soon. Milia asks if citizens can land on the planet, and he says it’s possible based on a report from the Macross 5. A vampire leads Gigile to the woods, and they find Sivil floating naked in an energy bubble. Gigile concludes that she’s lacking Spiritia and orders several vampires to get some. Elsewhere, Gamlin and Mylene drive to a concert, and she’s surprised that he’s going to a rock concert. At the hospital, Ray brings Akiko a gift basket and is surprised to see her already on her feet. She tells him she’s ok thanks to Chiba’s sound therapy, so she feels better despite some memory gaps. She says that she plans to go ahead with her project, so she wants him to call Basara. They ride in a taxi, and Ray expresses doubt over the idea’s chance for success. In a park, several citizens are left in a catatonic state after having their Spiritia sucked out. Gamlin drops Mylene off by her car because of an emergency call from Milia over the vampires. At the studio, Basara presses past a crowd of fans, and Akiko says she wants him to sing a duet with Alice. Basara isn’t up for the idea, and Akiko tells him to try singing with someone other than Mylene for a change. Akiko tells Ray that when he proposed the idea, she thought instantly of Alice. She believes that if the duet fails, Fire Bomber’s teamwork will improve, but if it succeeds, it’ll be a big hit. Gamlin stands by in his Nightmare and is scanned from nearby by a vampire. He’s surprised when Mylene appears in her Thunderbolt, and the vampire notes a rise in Gamlin’s Spiritia level.

In the studio, Basara and Alice begin their duet. In the forest, Gigile bathes Sivil in Spiritia, but it has no effect. He decides to get purer Spiritia, and a vampire tells him he needs to get Spiritia for himself, but he refuses. Gamlin offers to take Mylene home, and she tells him he sounds like Milia. The vampire reports high-level Spiritia from Gamlin and Mylene to Gigile, so Gigile decides to head out in an Elgersoln. At the studio, Alice concludes that she and Basara just don’t sing well together. Akiko is disappointed, and Ray tells her not to worry because many people left Fire Bomber before they found Mylene. Gamlin asks Mylene why she lets Basara do the singing, because he thinks she has a better voice. Suddenly, a barrage of missiles hits them, and Gigile closes in with several Elgersolns. Gamlin opens fire, and Milia tells Michael to send the police to the scene, and not Emerald Force. Gamlin tells Mylene to retreat, but she insists on staying and begins singing “My Friends.” She almost fires missiles, but she recalls what Basara said before about them and keeps singing instead. Police patroids arrive on scene, but Gigile easily destroys them. Basara, Veffidas and Ray run out of the studio and get mobbed by fans. The flower girl gets out of a taxi, and Basara and the others hop into it and speed off. Mylene continues to sing while Gigile presses his attack. Gamlin’s Nightmare is hit, and Mylene accidentally fires missiles. Basara arrives in his Excalibur, followed by Ray and Veffidas in their Nightmare. Together, the band begins performing “Planet Dance” while Gamlin engages Gigile. Gigile detects abnormal Spiritia levels coming from the entire band. At the studio, Alice tells Akiko that Basara and Mylene sing well together. The other Elgersoln pilots stop firing because of the musical effects, and Gigile orders a retreat when Dick and Morley arrive. Gamlin feels jealous because Mylene shines so brightly when she sings with Basara, and he flies off in pursuit of Gigile. The space fold begins, and Gamlin loses sight of Gigile. The fleet de-folds in orbit of Rax. Max orders Miho to call the Macross 5, but she gets no response.


This episode shows how Sound Force is experiencing some growing pains. Basara is used to just flying around and singing on his own, so teamwork with the rest of the band is something new to him. Akiko and Ray have this in mind when she sets up a duet with Alice that’s bound to fail, probably to highlight how well he sings with Mylene. Gigile’s also running around and causing trouble while trying to get Spiritia to cure Sivil. With Sound Force performing together, we see the curious effect of Varauta pilots now becoming unresponsive because of the music. I guess the high Spiritia levels are enough to counteract their brainwashing helmets. On a smaller note, we see Max wanting to say something of substance to Milia, but he brushes it aside. We also see Gamlin growing jealous of the way Mylene is when she sings with Basara, which is different from how she is when she’s with Gamlin.

Original Review: May 17, 2000

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Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

49 episodes

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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