Macross Ep. 27: Love Drifts Away


As more Zentradi ships continue to de-fold around Earth, Global orders a battle alert. Max and Milia prepare to scramble, and Hikaru tells them to make sure they come back alive. He then goes over to Minmay and says he may never see her again, so he confesses that he loves her. In Alaska, the Grand Cannon is charged and a countdown begins to fire it. Boddole Zer’s mothership de-folds, and he orders the immediate bombardment of Earth. On the Macross, Destroid Monsters and Tomahawks are deployed alongside Valkyries. Global is given a report on the switch out to reaction weaponry, and he tells Exsedol that initially he had planned to use them against Britai, not alongside him. As Hikaru prepares for battle, Minmay comes to visit him. She says she only thought of him as a friend and realizes that she really does like Kaifun. He tells her it’s okay and that it’s his fault for not saying anything before. He says it wouldn’t have worked since he’s a pilot and she’s a star; he finds it ironic that they could live in two totally different worlds on one small ship. All the Zentradi ships power up and begin firing on Earth. Whole cities are annihilated in the blink of an eye from the attack. Hikaru and Minmay look out a window and can’t believe what they’re seeing. Minmay wonders if her parents are dead, and Hikaru thinks about Misa. Minmay begins to sing a song, but she stops and cries. Hikaru gets an idea and asks her if she’ll sing for everyone. On Earth, the Alaska base remains intact, and Takeshi orders the immediate firing of the Grand Cannon. Global speaks to Britai and asks him to transmit Minmay’s song on all Zentradi military frequencies. Exsedol explains that since Boddole Zer’s soldiers have never encountered Protoculture, the song will give them a temporarily psychological shock and disrupt the chain of command. Exsedol asks Minmay if she could also perform a kiss since it is the most effective way to shock the Zentradi. The Grand Cannon fires out into space and destroys a significant number of Zentradi ships. As Minmay prepares for her performance, Loli and the others visit her and wish her good luck. With the preparations completed, Minmay is called out to the stage to begin singing.

Global speaks to his forces and Britai’s to inform them they will be punching through the path created by the Grand Cannon. Minmay begins her performance by singing “My Boyfriend is a Pilot.” Immediately, the Zentradi in Boddole Zer’s fleet are confused. Hikaru launches in his FAST pack-equipped Super Valkyrie and begins unleashing a massive number of missiles against enemies. Nearby, Max and Milia fight together in their Super Valkyries. Minmay continues and sings “Shao Pai Lon.” Afterwards, Kaifun comes on stage and kisses Minmay. The enemy Zentradi are disgusted by it and are destroyed while they’re distracted. Hikaru remembers kissing Minmay after asking her to sing. He then destroys a battleship on his own with reaction missiles, but he is hit by a barrage of missiles himself. In Alaska, Misa desperately calls out for any survivors and receives a message from Takeshi. He tells her she was probably right and is killed in an explosion. Hikaru wakes up and hears Minmay’s “Silver Moon, Red Moon.” He finds he is being pulled into the atmosphere, so he ejects his damaged FAST packs and deploys his heat shield for re-entry. He flies over Earth’s devastated surface and picks up Misa’s distress calls. He tells her he will come to rescue her, but she says it’s too dangerous. As Minmay begins to sing “Love Drifts Away,” Global has all the energy from the pinpoint barrier focused into the two portions of the main gun. The Macross flies ahead of Britai’s ship and punches into Boddole Zer’s mothership. Oigul asks Kamjin what they will do, and Kamjin says they will fight. Oigul says that means they will be fighting allies, and Kamjin says he doesn’t care because he’s the Ally Killer. Hikaru flies through the shaft of the Grand Cannon and cuts through a wall to get to Misa. As they fly out, an explosion damages the glass of his canopy and destroys it. The Macross breaks through into the central core of Boddole Zer’s ship and fires all of its reaction missiles. It then activates the omni directional barrier for protection before Boddole Zer’s ship explodes. Hikaru and Misa wonder if they’re the only people left on Earth, and he tells Misa it’s not so bad because she won’t be alone. Hikaru picks up Minmay’s singing on his radio and realizes that the Macross survived. He spots the damaged ship descending like a falling star into a nearby crater. He and Misa take off and head back to the Macross.


That was the final battle, and what a battle indeed. Though the Macross wins and beats Boddole Zer, it comes at a terrible price. They’re not able to stop his plan to decimate Earth, and as a result most of humanity is dead. There’s also a lot of character moments thrown in during the heavy action. Hikaru finally confesses his love for Minmay, but it looks like at the same time he’s letting her go because he knows things wouldn’t work out between them. Also, Takeshi realizes that Misa was right, but he only comes to that realization at the very end before his death. Though Boddole Zer is dead and the war is over, the series isn’t. The message here seems to be that even in humanity’s darkest moments there’s always hope for something better that could rise out of the ruins.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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