MAJ-S08 Xiaoshou

General and Technical Data Model number: MAJ-S08Code name: XiaoshouUnit type: mass production space combat mobile armorManufacturer: HRL (Human Reform League)Operator(s): HRL; Earth Sphere Federation; civiliansRollout: unknownFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: pilot only, in ...

MAJ-P13 Feimeng

General and Technical Data Model number: MAJ-P13Code name: FeimengUnit type: mass production aerial combat mobile armorManufacturer: HRL (Human Reform League)Operator: HRLRollout: unknownFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torsoDimensions: overall ...

GNY-004B Black Plutone

General and Technical Data Model number: GNY-004BCode name: Black PlutoneUnit type: prototype mobile suitManufacturer: Innovators (based on a design by Celestial Being)Operator: InnovatorsRollout: AD 2308First deployment: unknownAccommodation: pilot only, in standard ...

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