Zeta Gundam Ep. 46: Scirocco Rises


On the Jupitris, Reccoa asks Scirocco if he thinks Jamitov will make a move, and Scirocco thinks that he will because he’d told Jamitov he was going to meet with Haman. Sarah asks why she can’t come along and he reminds her that her job is to defend the Jupitris. She wants him to leave the negotiations with Haman to her, but he caresses her face and tells her she can’t handle Haman. As he gets into the cockpit of The-O, he tells her she can come if it’s just to accompany him. Reccoa follows Sarah to the Palace-Athene and says that Scirocco doesn’t want to see Sarah overdo things, but Sarah blames Reccoa for coming between her and Scirocco. Sarah thinks she could’ve been Scirocco’s advisor if she defected from the AEUG, and Reccoa counters that Scirocco treats them both the same way. Sarah doesn’t think that’s true and leaves, and Reccoa tells herself that Scirocco is the only man who has ever treated her like a woman. As The-O is loaded onto the catapult for launch, Scirocco gets a call that Jamitov is heading to the Gwadan and doesn’t want Scirocco to start negotiations without him. Scirocco laughs at Jamitov and takes off in The-O, followed by Reccoa in the Palace-Athene and Sarah in the Bolinoak-Sammahn. On the Argama, Katz complains that they’re on standby and that Quattro still hasn’t returned from the Gwadan. He thinks Haman is trying to ally with the Titans again vows to fight alone if needed, but Kamille tells him that rushing to his death won’t make anyone on Earth happy. Katz answers a call to the briefing room and immediately leaves without saying a word. Kamille picks up the phone and is told by Torres that they intercepted a message from the Jupitris about Scirocco meeting with Haman. Bright asks Emma to go on standby, and Torres gets word from the hangar that Katz is making an emergency launch in the G-Defenser. Astonaige stops the G-Defenser from fully loading onto the catapult, but Katz uses his thrusters to manually take off. Kamille tells Torres that he’s going to launch in the Zeta Gundam to chase Katz and that they should tell the Gwadan not to shoot at Katz. Emma thinks they should leave this to Kamille, so Bright orders their other suits to remain on standby. Scirocco’s team reaches the Gwadan and is told that only two suits can land, but Reccoa wants to stay outside because she’s suspicious of Jamitov. Inside the ship, Mineva plays the violin for Quattro, and he comments that she’s very talented. Mineva is relieved because she felt Quattro seemed bothered by something. Mineva’s governess tells her it’s time to go, and Mineva wishes she had time to hear about her parents from Quattro. He asks where she’s going, and she answers that she’s being moved to another ship. Mineva wants to hurry with the reestablishment of Zeon and hopes to have Char by her side when that time comes because she thinks he understands her better than anyone. After she leaves, Quattro wonders what Haman is up to by having her change ships. Haman is informed that the AEUG wants to have a representative aboard, and she agrees to allow one in as long as it’s not the Zeta Gundam. Katz hides a pistol inside his normal suit and reassures himself that Sarah will change her mind if he kills Scirocco. Reccoa wonders who is piloting the G-Defenser and watches the Zeta Gundam speed by and dock inside the Gwadan just before the hatch closes. An Axis soldier fires at Kamille just as two others lead Katz away. Sarah floats down to Kamille’s cockpit and he tells her to stop Katz. An Axis soldier asks Katz about Kamille’s unexpected presence and hits him with the butt of his rifle when Katz flippantly answers that he doesn’t know. Katz jumps the soldier when he turns his back and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to know where Scirocco is. Sarah tells Kamille there’s nothing she can do, but he counters that if Katz isn’t stopped he might kill Scirocco and Haman. Sarah thinks Kamille is lying and that Katz couldn’t kill anyone. The Axis soldiers ask Kamille if that’s true, but he ignores them and asks Sarah what Katz ever did to her other than treat her like a normal girl. Katz approaches a guard and starts to fight, and during the struggle they hit the panel and open the door to the room where Quattro is waiting. Quattro emerges from the room and knocks out the guard from behind. Jamitov arrives at the conference room and notes that Scirocco wasn’t anywhere to be seen when the Gate of Zedan was destroyed. Scirocco apologizes and offers the weak excuse that the Jupitris had engine trouble. When Haman arrives at the conference room, Jamitov asks if he had trouble producing more cyanide gas for the meeting. 

The Axis soldiers search Kamille and tell him they have orders not to let him aboard, but he argues that this isn’t the time for that. One of them leaves, and he complains that it’ll be too late if the worst happens. Haman states that she’s heard the EFF is on the verge of severing its relationship with the Titans, but Jamitov thinks that’s absurd and that the situation won’t change that quickly. Haman doesn’t care because she controls outer space now and dismisses the Titans as souls weighed down by Earth’s gravity who are no threat to her. Jamitov calls her remarks arrogant and says he was going to give her one last chance to join them, but she argues that it’s the other way around. She asks Scirocco for his opinion, and he agrees with her that people weighed down by gravity are unfit to lead Spacenoids. He adds that he’s pledged a blood oath to Jamitov, and Kamille senses his murderous intent from the hangar. Quattro knocks out another soldier and tells Katz to go back while he handles Haman and Scirocco. Scirocco holds Haman at gunpoint, and when she mentions what will happen if he kills her here, Scirocco comments that it’s more dangerous to let her live. Quattro shoots two soldiers and barges into the conference room, shooting Scirocco in the shoulder. Sarah feels Scirocco’s pain and fires her beam cannon inside the hangar, cutting a path through the conference room and knocking back Quattro. A guard shoots at Sarah as she makes a run for the hole, but Kamille knocks him out from behind. Jamitov gets up when the smoke clears and finds himself alone with Scirocco, who proceeds to kill him. Sarah finds Scirocco in the rubble and he tells her that Jamitov was shot. Under fire from Axis soldiers, Kamille gets back in his cockpit and asks Katz where Quattro is. He then sees Sarah and Scirocco emerging from the hole and floating over to their suits. Scirocco uses his beam rifle to blast a hole in the hull so that he and Sarah can escape. Katz tries to fly through the hole but gets stuck due to the G-Defenser’s shape. As the fighting begins in space, Scirocco addresses the Titans fleet and tells them that Jamitov was assassinated by Haman. He orders the fleet to destroy the Gwadan and avenge Jamitov. Haman prepares to evacuate and is informed that Mineva has already been sent to the Gwanban. Torres reports to Bright that the Titans and Axis Zeon are fighting, so Bright orders their suits to launch. Emma takes off in the Gundam Mk-II, followed by Fa in the Methuss. Katz destroys a Hi-Zack while trying to cut a path to Scirocco. Haman launches in the Qubeley and is immediately targeted by Scirocco, Sarah and Reccoa. Haman dodges Scirocco’s attacks and deploys her bits, which disarm both Sarah and Reccoa. Scirocco uses his Newtype senses to dodge the bits, but Haman wonders how long he can keep it up. Scirocco concentrates and fires where the bits are going to be, allowing him to destroy several. Haman tries to intimidate Scirocco with Newtype pressure, and he responds in kind. Kamille feels their pressure from his location, and Reccoa doesn’t understand why no one is moving. Katz flies in to blast Scirocco, but Sarah jumps in and absorbs the hit. She tells Katz to get away just before the Bolinoak-Sammahn explodes. Scirocco chases after Katz in anger, but the ghost of Sarah appears over the G-Defenser and signals Scirocco to stop. Scirocco proclaims that although Sarah has forgiven Katz, he hasn’t and prepares to fire. Reccoa gets in his way to attack with a beam saber, and Kamille shoots at her to keep her back. He asks why she saved Katz just now, but she’s confused and doesn’t think that she was doing that. Emma and Fa arrive to provide back up, and Scirocco is annoyed to see that Quattro survived when the Hyaku-Shiki appears and targets him. Emma asks Katz if he’s okay, and he answers that he was in a dream and playing with Sarah. He then starts crying as the Gwadan explodes. Haman’s fleet takes off and heads away from Axis.


A lot of mayhem occurs in this episode that upends an already volatile military situation. Jamitov and Sarah become the latest casualties in this conflict, and Scirocco becomes one of many in a long line of “traitor villains” who kill other villains as part of their scheming. A lot of this tension was caused by Katz’s presence, and the Argama really has terrible security if this kid can just keep lying about having orders to launch.  Kamille tries to defuse the situation, but circumstances are stacked against him. Sarah becomes the latest woman in this series to die protecting a man, and although it’s a well-established Gundam trope, this is the fourth time it’s happened just in Zeta Gundam. Although Scirocco used his charisma to manipulate impressionable young Sarah, he actually cared for her to some degree given how angry he was at her death. Her death was a foregone conclusion though – there was never any other ending for her given her blind love and devotion to Scirocco. The Qubeley makes its combat debut with a bit attack, and Scirocco pulls the same Newtype trick as Amuro did of seeing where the bits will be to destroy them. Scirocco’s skills surprise Haman, so she clearly underestimated his abilities.

Original Review: November 3, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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