ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited


Model number: ZGMF-X2000
Code name: 
GOUF Ignited
Unit type:
 prototype commander type mobile suit
Manufacturer: Integrated Design Bureau
Operator(s): ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty); civilians
First deployment: C.E. 73
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 19.20 meters
Weight: max gross weight 72.13 metric tons
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x MA-M757 “Slayer Whip” heat rod, mounted on forearms, produces electrical shock; 2 x M181SE “Draupnir” 4-barrel beam gun, mounted on forearms
Optional hand armaments: MMI-558 “Tempest” beam sword, stored inside shield; shield, mounted on left arm

Prior to the start of the Second Bloody Valentine War in C.E. 73, ZAFT introduced the New Millennium series mobile suits in the postwar era, starting with the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior. The next mobile suit in the series was the ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited. The prototype version, designated X2000, introduced several new features. Unlike the ZAKU series, the GOUF (Guardian of Unity Forerunner) Ignited did not use interchangeable Wizard packs and was instead equipped with a flight pack that functioned in Earth’s atmosphere or in space. The GOUF Ignited was armed with a pair of 4-barrel beam guns, a beam sword and a two whip-like heat rod that can deliver electrical shocks. During the developmental phase of the GOUF Ignited, ZAFT also produced a close combat variant, the ZGMF-X2000CQGB&S GOUF Crusher. One orange-colored GOUF Ignited prototype was used by FAITH pilot Heine Westenfluss, who was assigned to the battleship Minerva by PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Gilbert Durandal. Heine was killed in action in a battle at the Dardanelles channel by Stella Loussier’s ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam.

Pilot(s): Heine Westenfluss, Elsa Weiss
First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY
Original mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara




Cockpit hatch


M181SE “Draupnir” 4-barrel beam gun


MMI-558 “Tempest” beam sword


Rear view


Mitsuo Fukuda

Chiaki Morosawa
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Kazuho Hyodo
Shigeru Morita
Natsuko Takahashi
Yuuichi Nomura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kimitoshi Yamane

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

50 episodes; 1 TV special; 4 compilation movies

Airdates (Original):
Japan 10.09.2004 – 12.25.2005

Airdates (HD Remaster):
Japan 04.xx.2013 – 03.xx.2014

Video Release (SE):
Japan 05.26.2006 – 02.23.2007
U.S. 06.17.2008 – 01.13.2009


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