05.20.16 - Space cat people by Chris 9:13 A.M.

It's time for another Macross update with today's reviews for episodes 4-7 of Delta, which catches things up with the current broadcast.


05.17.16 - Attack of the mercat by Chris 5:55 P.M.

This update switches gears to Macross, starting with reviews for Delta episodes 2-3 in an effort to catch up to the broadcast. Next, there's a new section for the side story Macross the Ride (which is not a ride). Specs for the section are courtesy of the Macross Compendium, with credit to Macross World for some of the lineart scans.


05.13.16 - The past and the future by Chris 9:28 A.M.

Two Gundam updates are on deck today, starting with a review for episode 6 of Gundam Unicorn RE:0096. After that is a review for the Gundam Reconguista short From the Past to the Future.


05.03.16 - Clash with the Red Comet by Chris 5:18 P.M.

It's back to the usual sort of update today with a review for episode 5 of Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.


05.01.16 - Mecha stuff by Chris 10:35 A.M.

Mecha are the focus of this update, starting with a large amount of new lineart for the Gundam Thunderbolt manga section and The Revival of Zeon. There are also new sections for Hunter of Black Clothes and MSV-R: Legend of the Universal Century Heroes.

04.28.16 - Evening Jazz by Chris 7:30 P.M.

This update is a departure from the previous string, as it begins with reviews for episodes 2-4 of the Gundam Thunderbolt OVA, which concludes the series. Next up is some new mecha lineart for Macross Delta.

04.26.16 - Full Frontal's Pursuit by Chris 9:05 A.M.

Yes, it's that time of the week again, so here is a review for episode 4 of Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.

04.18.16 - They Called it Gundam by Chris 9:15 P.M.

If you hadn't guessed from the title, this update is a review for episode 3 of Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.

04.10.16 - First Blood by Chris 7:45 P.M.

No, this "First Blood" isn't of the Rambo variety, but rather a review for episode 2 of Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.


04.06.16 - Forbidden Borderline by Chris 7:49 P.M.

With the new anime season underway, it's time to turn my attention to the regular broadcast of Macross Delta. My review for episode 1 has been updated to include the new content from the broadcast version. Like Macross Frontier before it, this episode will be receiving an expanded home video version, so expect another update in the future.


04.03.16 - Return of the Unicorn by Chris 11:12 A.M.

One Gundam series is over, but another has taken its place. Today's update is my review for episode 1 of Gundam Unicorn RE:0096. Full disclosure - since this is a TV re-edit, my review is also a re-edited version of the original. But this is no mere cut-and-paste job, as I watch the entire episode and edit the review accordingly with whatever changes are made to the TV version.


04.01.16 - Sweet Sixteen by Chris 11:57 P.M.

It's no joke - today is MAHQ's 16th anniversary. I don't intend to write a TL;DR post on the matter, so I'll just thank everyone who has supported us over the years and continues to do so. It has been a tradition here to have a large update to mark the occasion, and while this one isn't as large as in past years, here's what's new:


-Reviews for episodes 21-25 of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, which completes the first season.

-Reviews for episodes 11-20 of Da-Garn, courtesy of Arshad.


This will still be a busy year, so expect coverage of Macross Delta along with some catching up on other review sections.


03.10.16 - Ride of the Walkure by Chris 8:59 A.M.

We're less than a month away from the broadcast debut of Macross Delta, so today's update focuses on the mecha section. There's new Valkyrie profiles and lineart, courtesy of the Macross Delta Facebook page.


03.02.16 - New mecha stuff by Chris 8:12 A.M.

Today's update focuses on Iron-Blooded Orphans, but not for reviews. There are new profiles in the mecha section, plus a new section for the upcoming side story.


02.24.16 - Creepy Earth fish by Chris 6:10 P.M.

It has been some time since the last update, which means that this one is all about playing catch up. Reviews are now up for episodes 17-20 of Iron-Blooded Orphans.


01.28.16 - Fumitan Admoss by Chris 4:25 P.M.

In keeping with the last update, this one includes a review for episode 16 of Iron-Blooded Orphans.


01.21.16 - Trail of Footprints by Chris 11:15 P.M.

Today's update is short and sweet: a review for episode 15 of Iron-Blooded Orphans.

01.16.16 - The promise of Earth by Chris 11:13 A.M.

It's been a long time coming, but with this update I've finally caught up to Iron-Blooded Orphans, so check out my reviews for episodes 12-14.

01.06.16 - Listen to my song by Chris 8:53 A.M.

This update dips back into the Macross well, so check out my review for the OVA Macross FB7.


01.04.16 - New year's orphans by Chris 8:47 A.M.

Since there was no new episode of Iron-Blooded Orphans this week, it's an ideal time to start catching up, so there are now reviews for episodes 10-11.


01.01.16 - A new song on the battlefield by Chris 11:44 P.M.

It's time to get 2016 updates going with a running start, so I'm kicking off with a review for the special preview of Macross Delta episode 1. The mecha section has also been created, and both areas will be updated once the regular broadcast begins in the spring.


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