Gundam AGE Ep. 36: The Stolen Gundam


The Xamdrag‘s shot manages to miss at point blank range, but Zanald grapples onto the AGE-3 Orbital and says he’s taking the Gundam with him. He begins to swing his tail to hit the AGE-3 Orbital, but he suddenly comes under fire from Flit in the AGE-1 Flat. Flit’s barrage allows Kio to break away, and Flit tells Kio to return to the ship. Kio protests that he can’t leave Flit alone, but Flit tells Kio not to worry about him. Kio falls back, and Flit uses his beam saber to attack Zeheart’s Ghirarga. Zanald tries to give chase to Kio, but Flit fires at him from behind while still engaging Zeheart. Flit maneuvers around to put himself in the path between the two Vagans and Kio. Back at the Diva‘s position, a Danazine fires a shot that grazes the bridge. Natora gives orders to fire the photon blaster cannon as soon as it’s fully charged so that they can escape. The AGE-1 Flat has its left foot blasted off, and Flit tells the Diva he’s going to stay behind while the ship escapes. Kio enters the hangar and immediately turns around and heads back to where Flit is. Seric gives orders to Derek and Obright. Zeheart and Zanald press their attack on Flit, blowing off the AGE-1 Flat’s right foot. Zanald is annoyed, but Zeheart tells him that if they keep attacking Flit, Kio will return. Just then, Kio appears and opens fire on Zeheart and Zanald. Flit asks him why he returned, and Kio says he can’t leave him alone. Zeheart tries to move in to capture Kio, but Zanald blocks his path. Kio attacks Zanald with a beam saber and is knocked back. He then tries to punch the Xamdrag as its chest cannon charges, but it fires before he can connect and blows off the AGE-3 Orbital’s left arm. Zanald then maneuvers behind Kio and grapples onto him with the Xamdrag’s arms and legs. Zanald tells Kio to stop resisting and says he’ll take more than an arm next time. Flit continues his attack, and Zanald says he needs Zeheart’s help to defend himself. He then whips his tail around and hits Zeheart, sending him crashing into Flit. Zanald then begins to withdraw and is chased by Flit, but Zeheart fires at him and destroys the AGE-1 Flat’s backpack. Zeheart is annoyed by Zanald’s actions, but at least the Gundam was captured. Zeheart moves in from behind to kill Flit, but he comes under fire from Obright’s Genoace O-Custom and the Diva. Flit calls the Diva and tells Natora to turn the ship around 180 degrees and attack the ship behind them because that’s where Kio is being taken. The bridge crew point out that the cannon is nearly charged and that turning around would expose them to the enemy in front. Flit yells at Natora to do what he orders, but she hesitates. Zeheart has an X-Rounder reaction and decides to fall back, so he launches his bits to assist him. Covering fire from the Fa Zard allows Zeheart to escape, and both the Fa Zard and Fa Ganta move out of the Diva‘s weapons range. Flit shouts out Kio’s name.

On the bridge, Flit yells at Natora for not turning around when he demanded. She says nothing, but Seric points out that turning around would’ve been suicidal, and he notes that Flit isn’t acting with his usual composure. After Flit leaves, Seric says that even though he said that, he wanted to go after Kio too. The topic of resupply comes up, but Seric points out that there’s no colonies or bases nearby. He’s told that there’s a civilian factory nearby and realizes it must be the Madorna Workshop. Later, Seric stops Natora in a corridor and tells her that she made the right decision. Natora counters that she didn’t make any decisions and instead just hesitated, but Seric notes that she didn’t immediately follow Flit’s orders because she must’ve had doubts in them. He says it’s natural for her to have hesitated because everyone’s lives were in the balance, and he adds that she’s becoming a fine captain. Flit yells with a mechanic in the hangar about repairs to the AGE-1 Flat until Rody intervenes and says they don’t have enough supplies or manpower. He says they have to make triage decisions to get any work done, and the AGE-1 Flat is in the worst condition. Flit says he’ll repair it on his own, but Rody asks him if doing that will allow them to pursue the Vagans. Unoa interrupts and tells Flit it’s not like him to be so emotional, but he angrily insists that he’s not being emotional. She calls him a liar and says he’s worried about Kio. Flit says that Kio’s talents could’ve made him the savior to defeat the Vagans, and Unoa tells him to stop covering up his feelings with reasoning. She says everyone understands how he feels and that he should just be honest about it. Wendy chases the kids into the hangar because they’ve insisted on helping, so they’re set to work cleaning parts. Wootbit tells Wendy that she’s strong and asks if she’s worried about Kio. She answers that she doesn’t know why, but she knows Kio will return. As the Fa Ganta speeds off, Fram tells Zeheart she heard about Zanald’s dirty tricks during the battle. He says all that matters is that they captured the Gundam and decides to return to La Gramis to wait for Ezelcant’s orders. He then compliments Fram for providing covering fire during his escape, which catches her by surprise. The Diva docks at the Madorna Workshop, and Laraparly is glad to see Flit after so long. She spots Rody cowering behind Seric and Natora and yells at him for leaving home and abandoning the family business. He says he wanted to improve himself, and when she asks Flit if Rody is useful, Flit says he’s an excellent engineer. Flit wants to discuss repairs, but Laraparly tells him he has a message. A call comes in from Asemu, which immediately makes Flit furious. Asemu says he’s heard about Kio’s capture and is preparing for a rescue. He points out that it would take the EFF a while to organize a rescue party, but he can leave immediately. Flit yells that he can’t trust a pirate who abandoned the military and his family. Laraparly interrupts and says she doesn’t understand their family issues, but says that anyone who could act right away to rescue Kio should do so. Asemu says that before Kio is Flit’s grandson, he’s his own sown and asks for permission to go. After the two awkwardly stare each other down, Flit relents and tells Asemu to take the Gundam’s spare parts with him. The Baronoke prepares to dock at the Madorna Workshop, and Asemu tells his crew to load the parts within 30 minutes. On the Fa Ganta, Vagan mechanics examine the Gundam. Kio shivers with fear as he sits alone in the brig.


This episode picks up immediately after the last, with a cliffhanger that’s immediately deflated. It was obvious that Kio wasn’t going to be hurt, but I still have to wonder how Zanald could miss at point blank range. The guy is totally a jerk to Zeheart, so I think he’s just asking for some later comeuppance. It seems that Kio was forced to become a complete idiot so that the plot could move along and have him captured by the Vagans. So last episode he underestimated Zanald and got grabbed by his ugly suit. He then comes back to fight alongside Flit after escaping, and the very first thing he does is attack Zanald again. On top of that, he pulls off the Shinn Asuka level stupid movie of trying to punch a charging cannon. I know he’s a young kid and all, but he’s already developed a pretty good level of experience, so this kind of sudden incompetence is a bit disappointing. As for the rest of the episode, it’s welcome and at the same time sad to see how consumed with anger Flit is. As I’ve said before, we usually don’t get to see what happens to a Gundam teen hero after his show is over, so it’s good to see how Flit has developed 50 years later. He has so much anger in him over everything, but as Unoa rightly points out, he can’t be honest about his feelings. He can’t just say he’s worried about his grandson, so he has to cover it up with nonsense about Kio being a war asset. And then there’s all his anger towards Asemu, but for once he finally gives ground. Family problems seem to be the theme for this episode, as Rody has a strange reunion with his mother. The years haven’t been kind to her, and aside from the purple hair and dark skin, she’s completely unrecognizable from her earlier incarnations. I’m curious to see how Kio’s opinion of the Vagans will change now that he’s in direct contact with them.

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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