Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 22: Reunions in the Earth Sphere


Outside Venus Globe, squads of Poligits surround the G-IT Corps, and Rosenthal asks Kun about the progress on prepping her Mazraster. She’s then told that the people who joined them from the Crescent Ship have helped speed up preparations on the Full Moon Ship, so they’re ready to go. The ship’s captain announces that they’ll be launching to avoid interference from the Ten Police and carry out the Reconguista according to Kia’s wishes. A Poligit pilot declares that they don’t have Rosario Ten’s permission to launch, so the ship opens fire. The Poligits move in to attack and are engaged by Rosenthal’s Z’Goggy, Chickara’s Gastima and Kun’s Mazraster. Flaminia is happy that they’re finally starting the Reconguista and says that Kia is crying when she sees the piece of the Conque de Venus sticking out of the hole. To honor Kia’s memory, the captain has the ship activate its full lights. The Poligits stop fighting, and Chickara states there are people in the Ten Police who support the Reconguista. Elsewhere, Noredo has trouble while attempting to pilot the mobile armor G-Rach captured from the G-IT Lab, so her movement is slowed down by Bellri’s G-Self, Raraiya’s Neodu, Ringo’s Moran and Kerbes’ Zansgatt. Raraiya is surprised to see that Noredo was the pilot, and Manny explains that she insisted on it. In the city, Aida has a private meeting with La Gu and asks about filling the interior of Venus Globe with batteries. He answers that if they wanted to move Earth to another galaxy, they’d need another three Venus Globes. However, he didn’t want to reveal this technology to Earthnoids because the G-IT Corps proves that humans don’t change very easily. He then mentions the Piani Kaluta incident from 20 years ago, when Piani was displeased with the regression of people at Venus Globe and went to Earth to spark a survival of the fittest contest to strengthen humanity. Aida can’t believe that everything happening now was caused by Cumpa’s opinion. La Gu asks Aida if she knows about body suits and says she’ll lose all hope in humanity after seeing one. He then removes his flowing wig and unfastens his clothing to reveal a frail, desiccated body. The Megafauna‘s crew applies anti-heat coating to the hull while Raraiya test pilots the G-Lucifer and Manny tests the G-Rach. Other crew members run through the Crescent Ship or play squash. Miraji and Lorucca look over some of the other captured G-IT units, including the Trinity and the mobile armor Dharma that contains the Dahack suit. Lorucca asks Miraji what he thinks about offering the units to the Amerian Army. Bellri argues with Happa about the installation of the G-Self’s new Perfect Pack. Raraiya, Noredo and Aida work in the kitchen to prepare a meal. On the Crescent Ship’s bridge, Elle is informed that the Full Moon Ship is already in geostationary orbit of Earth. He announces to the Megafauna that they’ve reached the Earth Sphere and are going to battle stations. The Full Moon Ship enters orbit surrounded by the Amerian Army and Dorette Fleet. The Kashiba Mikoshi is also in low orbit, so Elle is concerned about Donyell’s plan to send the G-Self to the Third Nut, Wanjira. Raraiya and Noredo launch in the G-Lucifer, followed by Aida in the G-Arcane and Bellri in the G-Self. They join up with Kerbes, Ringo, Manny and several Grimoires. Mobile suits launch from Wanjira, which causes Bellri to wonder if Wilmit lost out to the Capital Army.

Becker’s Wuxia squad moves in and prepares to attack, assuming that the incoming suits are with the Dorette Fleet. Bellri stops Raraiya from taking action and fires the Perfect Pack’s photon torpedoes, which destroy parts of the Wuxias in the blink of an eye and disable them. Bellri, Aida, Raraiya and Noredo proceed into Wanjira while Kerbes heads to the Rattle-Python. Bellri sees the new Capital Army battleship Bruzin and is told by a Guard employee that Wilmit was probably pressured into letting it dock there. Wilmit hugs Bellri and says she’s glad he’s safe. She mentions that many are confused by the G-Self’s new powers, but she won’t let them violate the taboo. Jugan wants to use the G-Self to help defeat Earth’s enemies, but Bellri responds by criticizing him for militarizing the Tower. Aida tries to reveal Cumpa’s true motives, but he interrupts her with the announcement that Dorette forced his way aboard the Kashiba Mikoshi and took the Pope hostage. Everyone is shocked by this news until Jugan mentions that Luin occupied the ship and resolved the issue. Jugan intends to take Aida as a political hostage, and Wilmit is surprised when Bellri calls her his sister. Jugan is informed that Luin intends to sortie and chase the Salamandra. News then comes in that Becker intends to fight the Garanden, so Bellri and the others slip away in the confusion. Cumpa thinks to himself that the Army should have Luin sink the Salamandra and send him to the Full Moon Ship. Bellri expresses minor annoyance that Wilmit didn’t ask about his trip, but he’s still proud of her and says she’s a good mother. Bellri and the others return to the Megafauna, where he tells Manny that he got to see his mother. Manny takes off in the G-Rach and initially has trouble controlling it. Instead of heading to the Rattle-Python, Manny flies to the Garanden and is confronted by two Wuxias and Barara’s Mack Knife. She deploys a barrier before they open fire and starts sending out light signals. The barrier disables the three suits and she continues on to the Garanden. Luin stops the ship from opening fire because the light signals Manny sent spell out his name. Luin is surprised to see that Manny came on her own and is glad she’s safe. Manny floats over to Luin and hugs him, referring to him by his real name.


This episode starts out by Venus Globe, but thankfully the return trip to the Earth Sphere is cut down to almost nothing. La Gu reaffirms his cynicism about humanity to Aida, and it’s not surprising once you see his physical condition. I’m not sure what ails him, but his frail body looks like something out of a Nazi concentration camp. After capturing more G-IT units, the chase is on after the Full Moon Ship. All sides are on high alert in the Earth Sphere, with the Capital Army having deployed a new battleship and more suits to the Nuts. Bellri has a short reunion with Wilmit, but it’s mainly an info dump scene to catch us up on what happened during the Venus trip, such as Dorette taking the Pope hostage. I feel a major event like that probably should’ve been a scene in an earlier episode. Bellri deploys the G-Self’s new Perfect Pack, which so far is highly overpowered with its photon torpedoes (no relation to the Star Trek variety). The episode ends with Manny stealing the G-Rach and bringing it to Luin, so it’s clear that she values him more than she does her friendship with Noredo and even Bellri. How this develops remains to be seen with only a few episodes left in the series.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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