Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 23: The Sound of a Newtype


As mobile suits work on the Salamandra, Klim decides that he has to stop Luin so that the Full Moon Ship doesn’t join up with the Capital Army. However, Mick notes that they’re stuck between the Bruzin and Knossos and will be attacked soon. On the Rattle-Python, Bellri gives Gusion a back rub and notes that he has dry skin. Gusion asks Aida if Jugan let any information slip, but she answers that a man like that wouldn’t say anything to them. Despite that, Gusion is acting on their information and is moving to seize the empty Kashiba Mikoshi. Aida questions why Gusion has to be in harm’s way, but he counters that the president sends his own son to the frontline. Bellri thinks using the Kashiba Mikoshi as a shield would backfire, and they discuss how everyone wants the power of the Full Moon Ship and Crescent Ship. Gusion asks if the G-Self and G-Lucifer would join the Amerian Army, but Bellri answers that he’d prefer to stay as a pirate on the Megafauna. Gusion dismisses his answer as semantics, but Bellri clarifies that he doesn’t want to take orders from anyone. Gusion asks why they have to make things so complicated, so Aida answers that it’s because of what they saw at Venus Globe. She then reveals to Gusion that Bellri is her brother and thanks him for raising her. She says they’ll help in their own way before departing. Gusion thinks to himself that the orphanage in New Yark didn’t mention anything about Aida having a sibling. On the Knossos, Rockpie vows to Mashner that he’ll return from battle after defeating Luin. Mashner then argues with the captain about leaving things to Rockpie. Three Poligits launch from the Megafauna and join up with Bellri’s group. The G-ArcaneMoran and Grimoires deploy to the ship’s deck for defense, and Donyell is told that the Bruzin‘s suits are coming it at high speed. Becker’s Wuxias fly in on Langebein support units and charge their mega launchers before firing at the Salamandra. However, Mick deploys the Hecate‘s coffin bits to divert the beams. Klim launches in his Space Jahannam and brings Mick spare bits. The Salamandra opens fire when the Knossos and its suits arrive, but Rockpie blocks the attack with the Gaitrash‘s beam manteau. The Poligit pilots are shocked to see a real battle, so Bellri warns them not to be drawn in by the flashing lights. Bellri takes off on his own to move closer to the battle and monitor its progress.

Klim fires missiles at Rockpie and scores a hit, but he takes minor damage when Rockpie returns fire. After Rockpie pulls back, Klim makes contact with the Salamandra‘s captain and tells him they have to work in concert with the Rattle-Python to seize control of the Kashiba Mikoshi. Mick notes that the Towasangans and the Capital Army are fighting a battle behind them, but Klim thinks they should let their enemies destroy each other. Mashner complains to the Knossos‘ captain when the Bruzin lands a hit. Bellri notices that one of the Poligit pilots is scared, and the man says he’s getting drawn in by the light. Becker’s forces attack the Gaitrash, but Rockpie uses the beam manteau as a protective cloak to deflect their beams. He then uses the manteau offensively to kill Becker. The Poligit pilot is overcome and rushes into battle, so Bellri gives chase to stop him. The Poligit wildly shoots at the Gaitrash and is quickly destroyed. Bellri uses his beam rifle to disable Elmorans and then hits Rockpie with a high torque punch. He follows up with omnidirectional lasers that take out the beam manteau. Bellri fires the assault mode’s cannons and hits the Gaitrash dead on, destroying it. Mashner senses Rockpie’s death, and Bellri experiences a cold feeling washing over him. Bellri completely freezes, so Raraiya pushes him aside before firing a beam cannon that nearly hits the Knossos. Mashner cries and decides to fall back since the G-Lucifer’s beam cannon is also keeping the Bruzin in check. Privately, Mashner blames herself for sending Rockpie into battle when she treasured him so much. Raraiya asks Bellri where he’s hurt, but he answers that he just feels cold. He’s thankful he could survive because of the G-Self, but Raraiya tells him that even he could die in battle. Bellri thinks he’s safe with the Perfect Pack, and Raraiya asks if he thinks he can survive because of its name. Noredo chimes in that a name is just someone’s hopes, not a guarantee from the namer. Kerbes comes over with the other two Poligit pilots, and Bellri apologizes for what happened to their comrade. However, Kerbes reassures him by saying it was brave of Bellri to risk himself. On the other side of Earth’s orbit, the Garanden prepares to dock with the Full Moon Ship. Rosenthal is happy to see the G-Rach again and meets Barara, while Flaminia greets Manny and Luin. Kun states that it wasn’t Kia’s intention to invade Earth and presents them with the pyramid-shaped mobile armor Yggdrasill. Bellri dries out his clothing and puts his normal suit back on just as their group rendezvous with the MegafaunaKashiba Mikoshi, Crescent Ship and the Rattle-Python‘s fleet. Bellri wonders why Luin abandoned the Kashiba Mikoshi, and Aida supposes that he wanted the power of the Full Moon Ship to destroy the Dorette Fleet and Amerian Army. Bellri’s group heads for the Megafauna.


It’s been an at times rough journey to get here, but the final battle has arrived and the lines are being drawn. The G-IT Corps entered the Earth Sphere as a new player and have thrown in their lot with Luin and the Capital Army to fight both Ameria and Towasanga. Bellri makes more use of the Perfect Pack, which in addition to its own plethora of weapons also incorporates elements of all his previous packs. The result means that the G-Self is pretty ridiculously overpowered now. Aside from losing a shield, the G-Self is untouched even by the powerful attacks of the Gaitrash, so there isn’t much of a sense of danger for Bellri, despite what Noredo and Raraiya say. Because this is final battle territory, it’s time for some people to die, and this time it’s Becker and Rockpie. Becker was a one note antagonist, and Rockpie little more than Mashner’s favored boy toy. But his death triggers a Newtype reaction in both Bellri and Mashner, thus giving this episode its title. You have to wonder why Mashner didn’t have pause before about sending Rockpie into battle if she treasured him so much. She didn’t act as an effective commander in battle when Rockpie was alive, so I’m sure it’ll be worse now that he’s gone.

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Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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