Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 3: The Pressure of Montero


Bellri comes down from the G-Self‘s cockpit, and Noredo asks him if he’s ok. Cumpa approaches Bellri and asks him to report to the Research Division once again in the morning. Aida is strapped to a Shank and complains that her treatment is a violation of international law, but Cumpa counters that since she’s a pirate, it’s not a violation. Cumpa tells Capt. Becker Shadam that the Research Division will be looking into the G-Self since the Capital Army couldn’t get it to move. Becker is introduced to Luin and tests him by trying to punch him, but Luin dodges. Aida is escorted away, and Noredo rides a Shank with Bellri to the Capital Tower offices, where they encounter Gell. They then head up to Wilmit’s office, and Bellri introduces her to Noredo and Nobell. Noredo teases Bellri by telling Wilmit that he fell in love with Aida at first sight. On the battleship Megafauna, Lt. Klim Nick prepares to launch in his Montero and argues with Capt. Donyell Toss. Donyell doesn’t think Klim should sortie again so soon, but Klim thinks this is the perfect chance because the Capital Army won’t expect another attack so soon. Donyell notes that they haven’t received a report yet from Inspector General Surugan, but Klim thinks that can wait until after Aida is rescued. Klim latches onto a Fry-Schop and takes off. Klim reflects on how until recently it was taboo for them to even approach the Capital Tower. Bellri wakes up in Wilmit’s office and quickly eats before leaving with Noredo. Noredo teases Bellri again about Aida, so he tells her to shut up and makes a long jump with the Shank. Bellri reports to the Research Division and tells the guard he’s come to see Cumpa. Aida has breakfast in Cumpa’s office and watches a video of Raraiya freaking out in her room. Cumpa mentions that there’s evidence of Aida’s pirates being an independent unit of the Amerian Army. He also notes that the G-Self’s Space Backpack had the plates and seal of an Amerian manufacturer. Klim uses the Montero’s toilet seat and orders the Fry-Schop’s pilot to fly lower, which causes them to hit trees. Bellri asks about Aida, and Noredo teases him again about falling for her. Cumpa mentions that he asked Aida how Bellri could operate the G-Self, when suddenly Raraiya bursts into the room in a panic. Klim calls the Capital Tower and threatens to destroy it if Aida and the G-Self aren’t returned. He then separates from the Fry-Schop as he approaches the Tower.

Noredo watches over sleeping Raraiya while Aida argues again with Bellri about Cahill’s death. Bellri notes that his side also suffered many losses, and Aida explains that Cahill sought to end the Capital Tower’s monopoly on Earth’s energy. Bellri states that photon battery distribution is managed by the SU-Cordists to prevent humanity from repeating the mistakes of the Universal Century. Aida thinks energy and tools can be used ethically, but Bellri angrily counters that humanity’s inability to do so nearly destroyed it in the UC era. Cumpa steps in and says that he understands Aida’s point about the ethical use of energy. He mentions that Raraiya also operated the G-Self, but he’s interrupted by the air raid siren. Aida joins Bellri when he gets into an elevator with Raraiya and and Noredo. Dellensen and Kerbes ride a Shank into a hangar, and Dellensen gives orders for the Catsiths on display to sortie. A sleepy soldier notes that they’re for the Capital Army’s commemoration ceremony, but Dellensen yells at him to launch the suits. In the Research Division’s hangar, Aida wonders where they got a Space Backpack from. Klim approaches the Tower and spots several incoming Catsiths and Recksnows. Aida activates the G-Self and tells Bellri that Klim wants to use her. Kerbes brings an F-Rug that Dellensen latches his Catsith to. Three Recksnows cross a river in a barge and enter the jungle, but Klim uses his beam javelin to disable them. Aida moves the G-Self with Noredo, Raraiya and Bellri in the cockpit. Cumpa asks Wilmit what Gell’s decision is and notes that the G-Self is being stolen. Klim disables several Catsiths and laughs that he’s a genius. Aida takes off in the G-Self, and Klim uses his javelin to damage the F-Rug. Dellensen falls through the air and keeps firing at Klim. Aida closes in next to Kerbes and uses the G-Self’s fire extinguisher on the F-Rug. She then lifts up the F-Rug and tips it back with her shield so that Kerbes can land. Dellensen scores more shots as he falls, but Aida gets in the way and stops Klim. She tells Klim that they should return to the Megafauna, so they leave. Cumpa reports to Wilmit that the enemy retreated, and she states that Ameria’s photon battery distribution will be cut in response to their actions. Wilmit is shocked when Cumpa tells her that Bellri was one of the four people on the G-Self. Klim assures Aida that he didn’t damage the Tower since it will be the Amerian Army’s base in space. Aida tells the others that Klim is an easygoing mobile suit lover even though he’s the president’s son. Bellri covers himself with a sheet so that he can use the G-Self’s seat toilet.


The world of the Regild Century is starting to become a bit clearer. The members of the SU-Cordist religion hold great power over the world by controlling photon battery distribution. There seems to be some Cold War-type situation going on between the Capital Tower and Ameria, and it looks like Aida’s space pirates are part of the Amerian Army. At the very least, one of their pilots is, since Klim is the son of Ameria’s president. While he has some skill as a pilot, he arrogantly believes his own hype about being a “genius.” He ends up underestimating Dellensen and suffers some damage for it. Cumpa doesn’t seem too bothered about Aida stealing the G-Self, which makes me believe that he let her go either to gather information or track her. I’m sure he wants to know more about the G-Self, which remains a mystery. Amusingly, this episode continues Tomino’s tradition of showing freaked out animals with cartoony reactions, as previously seen in the original series and Victory Gundam. Toilets built into the cockpit seats are apparently a thing now, which is rather amusing and weird. Humor aside, it seems clear that Bellri is being drawn further into a situation that he doesn’t really understand.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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