Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 13: Envoys from the Earth


At school, Suletta prepares to launch in the Gundam Aerial Rebuild and fight a serial battle against multiple challengers. If she falls, the winner will take on the other challengers, until only one is remaining as the new Holder. Elan presides over the duels and has to deal with Felsi and Renee complaining about each other serving as representatives of their Houses. Secelia tells them both to shut up, but Elan steps in and asks her to not be rude to the observers. Rouji comments that Elan has changed, but Secelia thinks that it’s like he’s a different person. In the first battle, Suletta faces off against Ebony Boas’ Azrawan. The duel begins after they recite the oath, and Suletta immediately defeats Ebony by blasting his head. In the second duel, Suletta uses her bits to blast apart a Hozler-II. She then battles the four-armed Hipelis in the third battle and easily dispatches it. The observers discuss the situation, and Felsi teases Rouji about taking advantage of the Holder’s obligations to bring down Suletta. Rouji’s Haro explains that as long as there are challengers, the Holder must accept a duel once every two weeks. Five duels were given special exception delays while the Gundam Aerial was under repair. Suletta defeats a Suvarvi and a Kapell-Geo to end the serial battle with five straight wins. Sabina asks Elan if he’ll ever challenge Suletta again, and he answers that it depends on company policy. After the battle, other members of Earth House tell Suletta that the campus will be open the next three days to welcome visiting prospective students. Chuchu grumbles about other students enjoying themselves in ignorance, and Till notes that the media is reporting the Plant Quetta incident as just an accident. Nuno notes that they’ve all been threatened with expulsion if they talk about the incident, but Chuchu doesn’t want to let it go. Nuno asks Ojelo and Lilique why they’re still moping around when two weeks have passed, and Lilique worries about getting caught up in real combat again. Suletta reassures Lilique that she’ll protect her, and she runs off to the greenhouse when her phone alarm goes off. Everyone wonders when Miorine will return. At the Benerit Group Front, Miorine watches over Delling, who is in a coma from his injuries. Elsewhere, Shaddiq hosts a briefing for the heads of the three branches and reveals that the attack on Plant Quetta was carried out by Dawn of Fold, an anti-Spacian group. The co-CEOs of Peil criticize Lauda, the acting CEO of Jeturk, over the fact that Jeturk Desultors were used in the attack. Shaddiq continues and mentions that the two unidentified suits used the GUND Format and are therefore Gundams. Sarius declares that the terrorists can’t be forgiven, and a fleet launches for Earth to track them down. After the briefing, Sarius tells Shaddiq that they’ll be ruined if the truth gets out, and he asks Shaddiq if he knew anything about the Gundams. Shaddiq lies and tells Sarius that he’d never lie to him. Sarius tells Shaddiq to stay on campus and avoid any company business until the heat dies down. After the meeting, Shaddiq meets with members of his House and says that the next phase of his plan involves dragging Sarius into things. Prospera speaks to Suletta over the phone and explains that Miorine is still being questioned regarding the incident, so it’ll be a while before she returns to school. Suletta wonders if Miorine is reading her emails, and Prospera asks Suletta if she’s still bothered by what happened at Plant Quetta. Suletta wonders if she could’ve done something other than killing that terrorist, but Prospera notes that if Suletta hadn’t intervened, Miorine and Delling would’ve died. Suletta feels reassured, and Prospera tells her that Miorine will surely understand someday. After hanging up, Prospera asks Godoy about the status of his investigation. Suletta scares Nika by coming up behind her and saying she wants to talk to the Aerial and get some life advice. Suletta asks Nika if she’s okay and notes that she’s been distracted ever since they got back, but Miorine plays it off as nothing. Suletta tells Miorine that she’s a precious friend, and Nika comments that Suletta is amazing for rescuing Miorine. Suletta explains that she was scared at that time but relied on Prospera’s motto of gaining one and two. Their conversation is interrupted when Sophie runs up to Suletta and hugs her, calling her a big sis.

Sophie and Norea are taken to meet members of Earth House, which they want to join as Earthians. Elan notes that it’s unusual to transfer schools during the semester, and Martin decides that as Earthians they’re welcome to join the House. He also notes that Sophie already moved in her things, which includes lots of weird stuffed animals. Sophie explains to Lilique that the animals are her family and she wanted to bring more, but Norea said it was too much. She also says she had no interest in going to school, but she’s come here to be Suletta’s friend. She wants to learn everything Suletta knows, and Suletta vows not to disappoint. Elsewhere, Nika corners Norea and says she knows that the company they’re registered with is just a front, and Norea admits it’s a dummy corporation set up by Shaddiq. Nika wants to know what their objective is, but Norea dismissively responds that a go-between doesn’t need to know. Nika doesn’t want anyone from Earth House placed in more danger, and Norea says she talks as if she’s a victim in this. Norea thanks Nika for playing her part, which allowed them to attack Delling. Norea pulls out a knife and says she knows Nika wants to be a bridge between Earth and space, so she suggests they work together so neither of them gets exposed. Suletta shows Sophie around campus, but she keeps getting into trouble by taking vehicles out for rides. Elan tells Suletta that today is the day she’ll go out with him, but then Sophie runs by and grabs Suletta. Norea bumps into Elan, and when he asks why she isn’t with Sophie, she explains that she wanted to see things on her own. Norea mentions that the campus is inspiring with its clean air, lush vegetation and smiling faces, but it makes her sick. Nika tries to make contact using her secret laptop and gets no response. When she leaves the room, Martin confronts her about what she did on Plant Quetta that saved their lives. Martin wants to know the truth, but she lies and says she just sent an SOS. Members of Earth House set up a booth to promote the company and are confronted by Felsi and Petra, who complain that the upcoming Rumble Ring should’ve been a showcase for Guel. Petra vows that Jeturk House will beat them down, and Suletta asks what the Rumble Ring is. Till explains that it’s a mock battle royal held on the last day of the open campus, and Nuno elaborates that it’s a way for companies to show off their mobile suits. The Holder is required to participate, but no one told Suletta. Chuchu complains about Nika not being around, so Suletta offers to look for her. Elsewhere, Norea attempts to hack into the Gundam Pharact’s systems and talks with Sophie. Norea thinks they should destroy it if it’s an obstacle to them and asks Sophie if she found what she wanted in Suletta. Sophie answers that Suletta is great and kind, but she hasn’t felt the same thrill since that battle. Norea is unable to get access to the Gundam Pharact’s system, and at that moment Nika appears and tells them both to leave the school immediately. Sophie jumps down from the catwalk and kicks Nika in the head before crushing her phone. Norea releases the constraints on the Gundam Pharact and tells Nika that she alone can’t change things on Earth and yet clings to lofty dreams. Norea tries to crush Nika under the Gundam Pharact’s foot, but Suletta speeds by in a scooter and saves Nika. Norea tries to crush both of them, but Suletta grabs Nika and pulls her to safety. Sophie yells at Norea not to kill Suletta, but Norea notes that Nika may have revealed their secrets. Nika tells Suletta to escape, but instead she challenges Norea to a duel. She wants them to leave Nika alone if she wins, but Norea responds that they have no reason to agree to a duel. Suletta asks them to follow the school’s rules, and Sophie laughs and dismisses the duels as games where no one dies. She notes that mobile suits are tools for killing people, but Suletta counters that Gundams will save lives through medicine. Sophie agrees to the duel and vows to show Suletta that Gundams are only made for violence. Miorine encounters Prospera and demands to know why she made Suletta do what she did, and Prospera counters that it saved her and Delling’s lives. She thinks that Suletta was probably desperate and went too far, but she wants Miorine to continue to be her friend after the questioning ends. Prospera shows Miorine the file for Quiet Zero and explains that it was a secret project of Delling’s. Its goal is to use the GUND Format to rewrite the world into a place without war. She explains that it was Delling’s greatest wish, so she wants Miorine to take over the project.


The second season picks up two weeks after the first with a seeming return to the status quo, but only on the surface. The members of Earth House know that the Plant Quetta incident was a terrorist attack, but the truth is being suppressed by the school. Miorine hasn’t been back to the school since the incident, which means that she hasn’t had a conversation with Suletta about killing that terrorist. Suletta does feel doubts about what she did, but Prospera convinces her it was the right thing to do. At this point, Suletta still blindly adheres to what Prospera says, but the moment is coming when she discovers what her mom is really up to. I’m glad that Martin confronted Nika about what she did in the previous episode, but the conversation ends quickly due to her lying to cover the truth up. Nika tries to force Sophie and Norea to leave the school, but they clearly don’t see her as a threat. She’s lucky to have been saved by Suletta, but the danger isn’t over yet. These two interlopers being at the school are Shaddiq’s doing, but what’s his endgame for entrapping Sarius? Guel doesn’t appear in this episode, which leaves Lauda as the acting CEO of Jeturk. It’s likely that no one else even knows that Guel accidentally killed his own father. Finally, a post-credit scene has Prospera revealing what Quiet Zero is to Miorine, but we still don’t know the how or why of the thing. It’s still just a vague thing right now, but I have the feeling it’s something Delling planned to force on humanity, like a Destiny Plan. We also still don’t know what Prospera gets out of working with him on this, especially since he knows who she really is. Hopefully this season will answer some of these questions sooner rather than later.

Overall Rating

The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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