Macross Frontier Ep. 7: First Attack


As Sheryl sings “Diamond Crevasse,” the Macross Quarter 25 takes off and folds away. Later, the ship and its escort fleet fold out and pick up two ships from the Macross Galaxy fleet, the Dulfim and Kaitos. Cathy tells Wilder that their priority is to help survivors, but they’re also supposed to collect data on the Vajra if possible. Elsewhere, Ranka finds her seat in the audience and notices that the adjoining seat is empty. Between songs, Sheryl says that she was happy to meet the people of the Macross Frontier. Her costume then changes as she launches into “Sagittarius at 9 p.m. – Don’t be Late.” In deep space, Skull Squadron launches from the deck of the Macross Quarter 25. Ozma tells Alto to stay back, but Alto insists that he can fight as well. As the battle begins, Luca deploys several remote-controlled Ghosts. Klan speeds past Michael and teases him, and he sets up position on an asteroid to snipe several Vajra mecha. Ozma engages several Vajra mecha and tells Alto to snap out of it since he’s distracted. Ozma destroys several enemies before speeding off, and Alto declares that he won’t let Ozma leave him behind. Ozma rushes in and unleashes a barrage of missiles that destroys several enemies. Canaria then flies in and lands her Konig Monster on the deck of the Dulfim. She then unleashes a massive barrage of fire that destroys multiple targets and again distracts Alto. Luca establishes a nearly real time fold communication link with the Macross Frontier. In between songs, Sheryl rushes backstage and strips out of her costume. She asks about how things are going, and Grace shows her a feed of the battle. Ranka wonders why Alto isn’t there, and she gets a phone call from Ozma. In a pre-recorded message, he tells her that he won’t be home because of work, and she realizes that Alto must be gone too. Grace tells Sheryl that Alto is ok so far, and an embarrassed Sheryl says her concern is only the Macross Galaxy. Luca detects a fold signature, and a Vajra Knight class battleship folds out and destroys one of his Ghosts. It then fires its main cannon, destroying the Kaitos. The Vajra mothership opens fire, and Ozma warns Luca about getting close, but Luca says he has to examine it. Luca detects a fold reactor, and a Heavy Soldier captures his Super Messiah and takes it inside the ship.

Sheryl finishes “What ’bout my star?” and announces that she’ll be doing the last song of the show. She suddenly begins to cry, and the crowd shouts out her name. She says that she can’t cry, but she breaks down again. Ranka stands up and shouts out Sheryl’s name, and Sheryl says she wants to dedicate her last song to people who are risking their lives far away. Ranka realizes that Sheryl knew Alto and the others were gone. Sheryl begins singing “Infinity” and is joined by Ranka. Alto rushes in toward the Vajra battleship, against the warnings of Ozma and Michael. Dodging enemy fire, Alto gets in closer, and Michael notices a strange flight trail. Alto ejects his Messiah‘s Super pack and blasts a hole into the hull of the Vajra ship. Cathy thinks that Alto is reckless, and Wilder asks his bridge operators for their opinions about going in. Cathy says they have to stay behind, but Wilder explains that if they do, it will jeopardize the Dulfim. Inside the Vajra ship, Alto searches for Luca and finds several destroyed Vajra. The Macross Quarter 25 begins moving forward, and Wilder orders a transformation. Alto reaches an open chamber and finds Luca, but he comes under attack from several Mobile Soldiers. Unnoticed, a VF-27 Lucifer piloted by Brera Stern watches. Alto’s Messiah is grappled by a Mobile Soldier, and he suddenly hears Sheryl’s singing coming from her earring. Alto opens fire, but the enemy slams its stinger tail into his Messiah, forcing him to eject with his EX-Gear. Alto rushes over to Luca’s Messiah and takes control. He opens fire on the chamber ceiling to destroy the entanglements trapping the Super Messiah, but the gunpod is destroyed by Brera. The entire battleship begins to open, and Bobby maneuvers the Macross Quarter 25 as it transforms. Bobby uses a large asteroid as cover when the enemy ship fires its main gun. The transformed battleship begins opening the Vajra ship, and Brera flies off. Alto and Luca escape, and the Macross Quarter 25 fires its Macross Cannon at the Vajra battleship, destroying it completely. Cathy is overwhelmed by the maneuvers and runs away to vomit. Sheryl finishes her concert and thanks the crowd as they cheer on. Ozma congratulates Alto for his work, and he wonders about the Lucifer. Elsewhere, the Lucifer travels through fold space, and Brera plays “Aimo” on a harmonica.


The last episode was the setup, and this is the payoff. Pretty much the entire episode is a battle, with a few bits here and there of Sheryl’s concert, in classic Macross fashion. As far as battles go, it’s got everything you’d expect from Macross – fast-moving Valkyries, missile massacres, shiny explosions, and idol music. Like the original series, Alto becomes one of the first people to penetrate an enemy ship, and he has a strange encounter with the mysterious VF-27 Lucifer. He’s a little awestruck at the beginning of the battle, but he seems to settle into a groove. There’s also another Macross 7 homage when Ozma mentions “Planet Dance,” so I guess he was probably a fan of Fire Bomber back in the day. Ozma performs as expected with his piloting skills, and we finally get to see the Konig Monster in action, as it was previously limited to the 1999 PlayStation 1 game Macross VF-X2. We also get to see the Macross Quarter 25 in action with its battle mode, and Bobby gets pretty hot-blooded while piloting it. It’d be interesting to see this ship in combat compared against Battle Frontier. The episode also ends with a bit of mystery – aside from being generally mysterious, why is Brera playing a song that so far only Ranka knows?

Overall Rating
Macross Frontier Info

Yasuhito Kikuchi
Shoji Kawamori

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Junya Ishigaki
Takeshi Takakura

Character Designer(s):
Risa Ebata
Yuichi Takahashi

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

25 episodes

Japan 04.03.2008 – 09.25.2008


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