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Eureka Seven header
Eureka Seven header

There are several items in today’s update. The main feature is Brian’s new reviews for episodes 11-20 of Eureka Seven. This officially surpasses the previous attempts to review the series, so we’re making progress!

The second item is that new profiles have been created for all the mobile suits released so far for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury.

Finally, continuing in the vein of yesterday’s Macross-themed update, the following sections have been converted from the old site:

As it stands now, nearly all the sections that we intend to bring over have some presence on the new site. A few review sections aren’t coming over in their current form, so I’m currently seeking new reviews for these sections:

  • Broken Blade – A restart of the section to review all six movies. Manga reviews are also acceptable. Mecha lineart and info will also be accepted.
  • Blue Gender – A full restart to review the entire series and compilation movie. Mecha lineart and info will also be accepted.
  • Tekkaman Blade – A full restart to review the original uncut version of the TV series, and also Tekkaman Blade II.

Some sections on the new site only have reviews, and I’m looking to expand them to include mecha lineart and info. This will be a long process, so for the moment I’m interested in these series only:

  • Escaflowne (TV series and movie)
  • Full Metal Panic! (all anime sections plus anything from the novels to create pages for that material)
  • Fafner (all sections currently on MAHQ, plus the newer anime that hasn’t been covered yet)
  • Rayearth (anime TV and OVA, plus the original manga)

If you are interested in providing any of these materials, you can send me an email. If you’re a member of Mecha Talk, you can also make mecha contributions by creating a thread in the Feedback and Contributions forum.



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