Super Dimension Robot War Update

Macross header
Macross header

It has been a big week for mecha news and also a big week for mecha updates here at MAHQ. First, let’s have a look at some things you should check out from around the internet:

  • ANN has several stories about all the Macross licensing news that came out of Anime Expo last week.
  • There’s also a story on ANN about the news that Right Stuf has licensed Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, the Gundam-san shorts and SD Gundam Sangokuden: Brave Battle Warriors.
  • ANN also has news about the new Mospeada project that was teased in 2019, and it’s…less impressive than expected.
  • Mark Simmons keeps chugging away at translating Gundam production histories, this time focused on Gundam F91.

Keeping with the Macross theme, a bunch of sections have been migrated to the new site, including:

Additionally, Super Robot Wars makes its debut with the following conversions:


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