Zeta Gundam Ep. 39: By the Lake


The Argama heads to Side 2’s neutral Colony 13 for repairs and resupply. Elsewhere, the Titans divide Gryps in two and rename A Baoa Qu to the Gate of Zedan, which serves as one of their main space bases along with Luna II. In a large-scale panoramic map room, Jamitov tells Bask that it’s too early to use the colony laser, but Bask reminds him that he said they couldn’t ignore Char’s speech. Bask says there’s always the chance of the Federation government overturning things, but Jamitov explains that he’s taken steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. Bask doesn’t like having Scirocco running things in the field and decides to go to the Dogosse Giar. He boasts that one push from him will wipe out the AEUG, and after that they’ll deal with Haman and Scirocco. Bask gets a report stating that “she” has arrived at Colony 13, and Jamitov asks if that was about Rosamia Badam. A female Titans officer tells Scirocco that ever since Char’s speech Bask has scrambled to put together a Cyber Newtype unit. They’re investigating the possibility that Reccoa might be one, but Scirocco states that she’s just a normal woman with a strong need to rely on others. He adds that Reccoa pretends to be tough but will just betray herself. Jamitov orders Scirocco to see to the defenses of the Jupitris so that Bask can have the Dogosse Giar. Scirocco warns Bask to be careful with the Argama because he feels intense pressure coming from that ship. Bask says that he hates how Scirocco believes nobody exists with abilities superior to his own. Rosamia exits Colony 13’s spaceport and examines the interior, which is made to resemble a European resort. Shinta and Qum are overly excited as they ride an escalator, and Kamille tells Fa it’s no surprise they’re like this because they haven’t been any place like this since leaving Earth. Rosamia gets on a linear car and reads info on a laptop about the Argama, and soon after Kamille, Fa, Emma and the kids also board the car. Rosamia feels a strange sensation, and Kamille asks Emma if it’s okay to be taking time off. Emma answers that she’s just confirming the goods they’re receiving and cautions Kamille to make sure no one recognizes he’s a soldier. The linear car travels outside the colony, and Shinta and Qum ask about nearby pods, which Kamille explains are the agricultural pods to grow food and raise livestock. Unbeknownst to them, Hi-Zack Custom pilots Kara and Sorama are stationed at one of the pods, waiting for a chance to strike at the AEUG. As Kamille and the others leave the car, Rosamia recognizes him as her brother. Fa is amazed by the mountains at their stop, and Kamille wonders if the Alps on Earth really look like this. Fa and Kamille run after Shina and Qum, who stop when they reach a horse-pulled car. The owner offers to let them ride, and Kamille takes the reins. Just as they are leaving, Rosamia runs up and calls Kamille her brother and gets on the cart. She takes Kamille’s arm, but he protests that he has no idea who she is. Fa butts in and asks who she is, and she introduces herself as Rosammy Badam. Fa trips and falls back in the wagon, and Rosammy comments that she must be Kamille’s girlfriend, and that she knew someone like Fa would be perfect for Kamille. Shinta comments that Rosammy looks more like an older sister rather than a younger sister, and she explains that she just looks mature for her age. Quattro departs from La Vie en Rose in the Hyaku-Shiki and decides to investigate the area since multiple mobile suits have been attacked. Kara and Sorama detect his approach and return to their suits. They both target him with their sniper beam rifles and he feels a strange sensation.

Fa insists to Rosammy that Kamille isn’t her brother and calls Kamille a skirt chaser. She whispers to Kamille that all of this is strange, and he agrees and says he’s trying to learn more. Kamille stops the wagon to let a herd of sheep pass, and Rosammy shows them a picture with her and Kamille as children. Rosammy explains that during the colony drop in the One Year War she lost her younger brother, but now she’s found her older brother. Fa objects, and Rosammy butters her up by saying Fa is the ideal girlfriend she imagined for Kamille. He gets down from the wagon to look at the sheep with Shinta and Qum and comments that Rosammy doesn’t seem like an enemy. Quattro flies outside the colony and has the sensation that Amuro is inside it. After he moves away from the colony, Sorama attempts to snipe him and narrowly misses. They both launch from the agricultural pod and come under fire from Quattro, who is hugging the colony wall. Kamille rides in a rowboat with the kids while Fa and Rosammy ride in another one. Kamille’s boat crashes into a rock and he catches a stray volleyball tossed into the lake. Quattro launches a sneak attack and grabs onto Kara, who fires his beam rifle and blasts a hole into the colony. Kara and Sorama escape into the breach and fire from inside at Quattro, creating another hole. Quattro enters the colony and blasts Kara’s suit, which explodes and creates a third hole. Quattro fires adhesive out of the Hyaku-Shiki’s finger to seal the breach and realizes he has to defeat the other unit without causing an explosion. Rosammy gets off at the shore while Kamille rides with Fa in her rowboat. She criticizes him for being too carefree with Rosammy, but he says he’s not so frivolous as that. Shinta, Qum and Rosammy talk with Mineva and take her for a ride because she’s never been on the lake before. Shinta splashes water on Mineva’s face and they all start laughing. Haman comes to the shore with two men who demand to know what they’re doing with Mineva, and Shinta answers that she wanted to go for a ride. Haman is surprised to see Mineva laughing, and Rosammy asks Mineva if she doesn’t like Haman. Minerva answers that Haman serves her well, and Shinta says that makes her sound snobbish. Haman tells them to bring Mineva back because it’s time for medicine, and Rosammy responds that Mineva said she doesn’t want to go back to her. Mineva speaks up and declares that she said no such thing. Kamille continues to bicker with Fa and says she’s just acting jealous. They stop the rowboat in the reeds when she spots Mineva and Haman. Kara’s Hi-Zack Custom crashes into the nearby hill, and when Haman sees Kamille emerge from the reeds she assumes the AEUG was trying to kidnap Mineva. A Gaza-C bursts out of hiding in a granary and attacks Quattro, so he retreats into the forest and dodges fire from Kara. He then slices off Kara’s beam rifle arm and tells him to get out of his suit. The Gaza-C pilot fires at them, and while Quattro evades, the shot destroys the Hi-Zack Custom and creates a fourth breach in the colony. Quattro blasts the Gaza-C, which explodes as it’s being sucked into space. Kamille and the others encounter high winds as air is sucked out of the breach. Fa wonders why Quattro is fighting inside the colony, and Kamille thinks he must’ve known that Haman was here. The group reaches an emergency shelter, and Quattro fires more adhesive to seal the breach. Back on the Argama, Kamille tells Quattro that the police want to see him and that Bright is furious. Kamille asks Quattro if he’ll be fined, and Quattro responds that he doesn’t think he’ll be punished because the Titans were breaking the law and attacking people. Kamille tells Quattro that he was on the lake and saw Haman and Mineva. Quattro responds that he sensed her presence, which caused him to hesitate and play into the enemy’s hands. Emma tells Quattro that she’s glad he’s safe, and the police say they have Bright’s permission to take him to police headquarters. Quattro asks who Rosammy is, and Emma explains that she claims to be Kamille’s younger sister. Emma asks Quattro if something bothers him about Rosammy, and he answers affirmatively. Fa steps in when Rosammy tries to give Kamille a soda, but Rosammy insists it’s okay.


Two seemingly separate storylines come together by the end of this episode. Bask returns after a very long absence and surveys the current situation in space with Jamitov in a room that resembles the large stellar cartography set seen later in Star Trek Generations. Bask decides to take command on the frontline because he doesn’t like Scirocco, but he also initiates a plan to have Rosamia infiltrate the AEUG by claiming to be Kamille’s sister, Rosammy. Fa doesn’t buy it, and Rosamia’s case is not very convincing as she has one photo that is clearly a fake. Separately, Quattro has a rough time dealing with Titans and Axis pilots who fight recklessly inside the colony. Thrown into this mix is Haman and Mineva, with Haman having the mistaken impression that the AEUG was trying to kidnap Mineva. Although unintended, it seems like the confusion of the battle worked to Rosamia’s benefit since she was able to get onto the Argama. However, Quattro and Emma are both suspicious of her as well.

Original Review: June 9, 2002

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Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Yumiko Suzuki
Tomoko Kawasaki
Yasushi Hirano
Akinori Endo
Miho Maruo
Minoru Onoya

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazumi Fujita
Mamoru Nagano
Kunio Okawara
Makoto Kobayashi
Kazuhisa Kondo
Hideo Okamoto

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Shigeaki Saegusa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 03.02.1985 – 02.22.1986

Theatrical Release:
Japan 05.28.2005 – 03.04.2006


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