Gundam Build Fighters Ep. 14: Codename: C


Aila recalls Barthes making an offer to help her in exchange for playing Gunpla Battle. In her room, she looks up Reiji’s Gunpla record and wonders what reason he’d have to play, especially since he’d lose to her anyway. The tournament continues into the fourth period’s marksmanship contest, in which Sei helps Reiji control the Build Mk-II. In the firth period, Reiji wins a ball throwing contest. For the sixth period’s 3-on-3 battle, the Mk-II is on a team with Mao’s Gundam X Maoh and a Mercurius. The Mercurius uses its planet defensers to protect the team from a GINN and Bolinoak-Sammahn, which get destroyed by Mao’s satellite cannon. The remaining Victory 2 Gundam is destroyed by a falling building. Sei thanks Mao for helping them, but Mao answers that he wants to fight them and can’t have them lose to some stranger first. Barthes asks Aila if there’s something wrong with her suit, but she says it’s nothing and walks away. Sei and Reiji meet with Ral and China for snacks. Ral is impressed that they went undefeated for six periods even with Reiji’s injury, which Sei chalks up to luck. China asks about the tournament structure, so Sei explains that after the eight qualifying periods, the top 16 players will make it to the finals. China thinks that Sei and Reiji have it made for the finals, but Ral explains that it isn’t that easy, since there are other undefeated players like the Meijin, Aila, Nils, Fellini, Mao, Australia’s Morris, Poland’s Szpilman, Canada’s Fox, and Argentina’s Renato brothers. Then there are several players only four points behind like Luang, so rankings could change. Mashita complains about Sei and Reiji still winning, so when Baker asks why he’s so obsessed with them, he answers that they bug him. He tells her to make sure they don’t reach the finals, so she decides to call the mysterious operative known as C. The next day, Kirara announces to the crowd that the seventh period will be a Gunpla Race, so players can use any vehicles they want, along with weapons to take out the competition. Sei is confident that the Star Build Strike will be ready, but he insists that Reiji visit the doctor. Unknown to them, C surveils them from a nearby rooftop. Reiji exits a clinic and is approached by Aila, who calls him by name. She asks him how he could be serious about a game, and he tells her he can be serious because it’s a game. He says she should try it, but she abruptly leaves and tells herself it’s not a game, but painful.

Later, during the third race, the Wing Gundam Fenice speeds past its opponents on the Meteor Hopper. Fellini hopes Kirara is watching him, but she’s instead interviewing Mao on his victory in the second race. The path is blocked by Cziommer’s Loto, and though he’s been disqualified from the finals, he still wants revenge. However, Fellini destroys him in one shot and wins the race. The Meijin’s Kampfer Amazing wins the fourth race, followed by Aila’s Qubeley Papillon in the fifth. Luang’s Abigorbine wins the sixth, followed by Nils’ Sengoku Astray and Fuunsaiki in the seventh. Ral drives China to the tournament and says he overslept due to his old age, which he reveals is 35. In the parking garage he spots C and asks China to go on without him. The ninth and final race begins with the participants including the Star Build Strike, the Renatos’ BuCUE Tank, Gundam Kyrios, Gundam Maxter, a Den’an-Zon in an Einerad, a Zudah on a Base Jabber, Moebius Zero, FLAT, G-Armor and Gabthley. The Star Build Strike takes the lead and comes under fire from everyone, but Reiji uses the absorb shield to suck up their beams. He then uses the Discharge to activate Plavsky wings and accelerate far beyond the rest of the pack. The Star Build Strike wins the first lap, but during the second it gets pulled underwater by C’s Hell Zeong Marine. With the Star Build Strike trapped, the other opponents start passing it. The Star Build Strike starts to suffer damage from the Hell Zeong Marine’s electrified tentacles. Ral walks into the room where C is hacking into the game and confronts him. C repeatedly punches Ral and knocks him away. Ral gets up and picks up C, tossing him into his briefcase and damaging his game unit. He demands to know who put him up to this, but C escapes with a smoke bomb. Due to the damage inflicted, Sei tells Reiji to use the RG system only on the arms to break free of the tentacles. Reiji blasts the Hell Zeong Marine and emerges from the lake, but he’s far behind now. Sei tells Reiji that they only have enough Discharge energy left for 56 seconds, but Reiji thinks that’s enough. Reiji manages to pass everyone and catch up to the BuCUE Tank, but the Discharge runs out of energy at the last second, allowing the Renatos to win. As a result of their loss, Sei and Reiji have fallen to 17th place. Later, Mashita drinks wine and celebrates his victory, but he’s interrupted when Reiji kicks the door in.


Sei and Reiji have overcome injury and Mashita’s constant meddling to remain undefeated for six consecutive rounds, but their winning streak ends here. Mashita is determined to have them lose, thus the mysterious C is brought in to hack into the game and sabotage them. The plan to use the Absorb and Discharge systems to provide speed boosts and lap everyone is solid, and it would’ve won them the race without C’s interference. However, there’s no drama to the story if they have easy wins and sail through to the final. Ral stepped up and came to their defense, getting himself injured in the process. Despite their miraculous recovery, it just wasn’t enough to win. We see a flashback of how Aila became a fighter, and I’m not sure if she’s just weirdly dressed for the winter or is supposed to be homeless. We also see yet another sad appearance from Cziommer, who is clearly more fixated on taking down Fellini than he is at advancing in the tournament. The final scene features Reiji busting into Mashita’s room to confront him. Up to now, Mashita has been afraid of Reiji recognizing him, but I think it’s just as likely that Reiji won’t, thus angering him even more. We’ll see what happens with the final qualifying period begins.

Overall Rating

Build Fighters Info

Kenji Nagasaki

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Ohnuki
Suzuhito Yasuda

Musical Composer:
Yuuki Hayashi

Japan 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014
Streaming 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014


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