MBF-02+EW454F Strike Rouge Ootori

General and Technical Data Model number: MBF-02+EW454FCode name: Strike Rouge OotoriUnit type: prototype all-purpose multi-mode mobile suitManufacturer: Morgenroete, IncOperator: Orb Union/Three Ships AllianceFirst deployment: C.E. 73Accommodation: pilot only, in standard ...

YMAF-X6BD Zamza-Zah

Claws extended Claws retracted Claws extended Claws retracted General and Technical Data Model number: YMAF-X6BDCode name: Zamza-ZahUnit type: experimental attack use mobile armorManufacturer: Adukurf Mechano-IndustriesOperator: Earth AllianceFirst deployment: C.E. ...

TS-MB1B Euclid

General and Technical Data Model number: TS-MB1BCode name: EuclidUnit type: mass production attack use mobile armorManufacturer: Earth AllianceOperator: Earth AllianceFirst deployment: C.E. 73Accommodation: unknownDimensions: overall 54.08 meters; overall height 23.26 metersWeight: unknownArmor ...

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